News - Seasonic M12 700 Watt Power Supply Review

Seasonic M12 700 Watt Power Supply Review

One of the most important PC components is the power supply. Without a good quality power supply putting out enough clean power to power your high end video card and quad core CPU, you would be stuck with a pile of useless parts. Today's power supply's have a lot of shoes to fill. They must put out enough power to meet any demand you will be able to throw at it, now and with future upgrades. All of the power must be clean and stable power, you wouldn't want something to fry because you didn't give it clean enough power. Then most recently people have been concerned about noise and aesthetics, the fans on power supply's keep getting larger and quieter and you see things like windows and racing stripes on "gaming" power supply's. This has also lead to the popularity or modular cabling, to me one of the best ideas to come to power supplies in years! Seasonic, one of our lans sponsors has provided us with their M12 700 watt power supply to check out. @


Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Tue, Aug-12-2008)

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