News - Sirtec to offer it's own GPU power supply?

Sirtec to offer it's own GPU power supply?

Ok.. Now I'm confused.  Yesterday, I reported about's HIS's new HIS branded GPU power supply.

Today, ExtremeTech reported from Sirtech's booth where they're showing a unit that looks EXACTLY THE SAME (note the bezel) powering two... guess which brand?... HIS video cards. 

Now, it's not unusual for an OEM and a distributor to be showing the same product under two different brands at two booths at Computex, but have another look at the back of the HIS product.  No cooling fans.  The Sirtec has cooling fans clearly visible at the rear of the unit.  Perhaps the fans on the HIS product are in the front. 

The HIS also uses a standard power supply plug while the Sirtec uses a laptop type power connector on a slot bracket.  The HIS comes as a 400W, while the Sirtec "High Power" (a brand Sirtec often uses to sell their own product to the public) will come as a 350, 400 and 620W version.  Also, it should be noted that Sirtec is the OEM for Thermaltake's PurePower Power Express 5.25" bay power supply unit.


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