News - DFI's UT and DK Intel P55 mobos get early showing

DFI's UT and DK Intel P55 mobos get early showing

We went out and visited Eric and Jerry from DFI at their Taipei headquarters today and were given an exclusive look at their upcoming codenamed "Ibex Peak" single chip design Intel P55 Express based motherboards.

DFI's UT P55-T3eH8 and DK P55-T3eH6 motherboards that we saw today are not mass production level samples and will see some changes - you will see some hand wiring and so on that obviously won't be there in the final shipping product. You'll probably be able to buy them sometime in September this year, once the compatible Socket LGA-1156 Core i5 quad-core "Lynnfield" processors go on sale. We think Intel pushed back the P55 launch again and again to allow the market to shift more of its P45 and Core 2 Duo parts before the new platform comes in and takes over the mainstream level. @ TweakTown

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-20-2009)

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