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Mid Week Reviews

A lot of reviews are up today, let us check 'em out...

Gabriel roasts a PCP&C Silencer 750W. This power supply is built by Seasonic for PCP&C. Build quality is good and it acquits itself very well in the load tests. Gabriel was able to pull a whopping 100+ W extra at 50 C before the unit shut down. The efficiency was almost 81% during the extra-roasting session. Very impressive. Check out the review at Hardware Secrets.


Virtual Hideout take a look at the NesteQ ECS 5001 500W. There are no shots of the insides and the test setup offers almost no load. But, the only interesting thing I found is the following:
"ECCD – Ergonomic Cable Connection Design
The patented cable management system is revolutionary and not yet seen elsewhere in the market!! The cables are positioned out at the same side where the facilities are located. The cables are just close to the facilities, so from now on a user can be free from a nightmarish mess inside his PC case. The ergonomic positioning of the cables makes the cables themselves so neat in nice order that the installation task becomes easier and enjoyable" 

In light of Ultra's patent infringement filing, this may be an interesting development. After all, there are only so many ways you can modularize connections.

Finally, I'll leave you guys with 3DGameMan's kick-ass review of the kick-ass OCZ EliteXStream 1000W. It was reviewed in detail by [H]ardOCP. Built by Impervio, this is one solid unit with excellent electrical characteristics. But, for a kick-ass perspective, check out Rodney's kick-ass take ... HERE.

Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Thu, May-15-2008)

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