News - PC Power and Cooling: Part of the OCZ Technology Group

PC Power and Cooling: Part of the OCZ Technology Group

Yes, you saw the headline correctly.

OCZ today announced immediate plans to bring PC Power & Cooling into the OCZ Technology Group. As a worldwide leader in high performance computer hardware, OCZ acquired PC Power & Cooling to utilize their keen expertise in power management and take the organization to the next level. This compelling partnership between the two like-minded companies will create a powerful fusion of patented technologies, innovative, high quality PC components, and improved accessibility of premium solutions for customers worldwide.

You can see the entire press release on OCZ's site.  Also take note of the "Part of the OCZ Technology Group" added below PC Power's title on the PC Power page.

Doug Dodson will now be "Chief Technology Officer."  Will he convince OCZ to stop using the FSP Epsilon as an OEM?  Will he convince OCZ to stop making modular power supplies?  Will he convince OCZ to go with a single +12V rail?  Will he convince OCZ that 80MM fans are the only way to go?  Hmm.....


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