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Monday morning reviews

Welcome to the latest edition of "Monday morning reviews", where the hardworking yours truly trawls the inter-web for power supply reviews. I think I need more coffee...
Let us start off with Hardware Secret's take on the Enermax Liberty DXX. I've seen many reports of problems with this rather older design. Curiously, the failure mode when Gabriel stresses it beyond its capacity is similar to what other regular users have reported (i.e. switcher or 12V rectifier blowing up).

Next up is another Enermax, the Modulo-Pro 82+ . Although I cannot say if this is based on a new platform, we can see that it features a significant capacitor upgrade on both the primary and secondary sides. SKYMTL gives it high marks. Check out his take at Hardware Canucks.

Technic3D take a look at a fanless 600W unit marketed by SilentX. There is just one shot of the packed innards and as you can see, the rails start out rather low (but still in spec). I'm not too sure if it will survive Oklahoma Wolf's ATE full spectrum. Check out the review auf Deutsch or in Googlish.

Finally, we have 3D-"kick-ass" Game man's  kick ass video take on the Nesteq EECS 700 Watt unit. Check out the review here. ;) @

Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Mon, Apr-14-2008)

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