News - Mushkin X800AP at OCC

Mushkin X800AP at OCC

This week Overclockers Club take a look at an 800W unit from Mushkin. Built by Topower, it sports all the usual hallmarks from the ribbed heatsinks to the split/combine switch. So far this feature has not worked in any Topower unit and given the track record with this "feature" we can almost be certain that it is there for cosmetic purposes only.

"The Mushkin XP-800AP ran strong during the testing, but evened out even closer to true values under load, never dipping below the specified voltage. Even switching between the single and quad rails did not affect the performance."  

The primary capacitor sees a remarkable upgrade to Rubycon, while the secondary side sees an "upgrade" to Teapo. The test bench is wholly inadequate for testing an 800W unit, so draw your own conclusions. I'd rather wait to see it pass a full-spectrum ATE test at 40 C before drawing any conclusions.      

Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Thu, Apr-10-2008)

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