News - Ultra silently launches Gaming PC... One year after initial hype!

Ultra silently launches Gaming PC... One year after initial hype!

It was over a year ago when we first learned about Ultra's idea to build a carbon fiber chassis, the "eXo", to wrap around your PC components.  It was almost a year ago when we saw a proud Garrett Bain standing next to his eXo chock full of Nvidia goodness.  But alas, a year goes by... no carbon fiber case... no Ultra gaming PC's.

While Tazz and I were surfing the web today, we happened upon a live and functioning Ultra Gaming PC website.  No press release.  No email blast.  Just *poof*, there it was!  Apparently, Ultra Gaming PC's can be built, configured, starting at $2500 and go up from there, although the most expensive version isn't nearly as hot as the decked out unit touring with Garrett to LAN events last year.   It's still pretty inexpensive considering how much I believe those CF panels to cost!

For those DIY folks, there's the version of the eXo with aluminum side panels.  Although no price has been set at the time of this post, it's bound to be considerably inexpensive and you still get the killer extruded aluminum frame Tazz used to build "Ultra Sweet" found in this month's CPU magazine.

Hey... what's that case over there?  Looks sort of unfinished....


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