News - Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W at Hardware Secrets

Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W at Hardware Secrets

This weekend, Gabe at Hardware Secrets takes a look at the Coolermaster Real Power Pro 850W unit. It is built by Enhance Electronics and features a dual transformer design with the 3.3V rail getting its own transformer output. Note that this does not necessarily imply that the unit is independently regulated. 

What struck me as odd was the complete lack of powdered/soft iron ferrite cores in any of the vertically mounted inductors in THIS picture. I don't know if I'm crazy or if this is a design time decision? After all who uses air-core inductors? I have never seen one on any PSU, leave alone a high wattage SMPS. Apart from rapid saturation issues, I believe this would affect the DC output quality. But, the unit passes all tests with flying colors whilst maintaining 80+ efficiency throughout the load testing process! Goes to show that we, sitting at home can make educated guess at best and the only way to get to the truth is by thorough testing.  Gabe blew up the unit in the hot-box, but that was because it was operated waaaaaaay out of spec. Check out the review HERE.

Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Fri, Mar-21-2008)

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