News - HardOCP reviews Cooler Master Stacker case with Real Power Pro 1000W

HardOCP reviews Cooler Master Stacker case with Real Power Pro 1000W

This "step backwards" from the 1250W HardOCP had previously reviewed doesn't seem to be a step back at all.  With improved performance, lower price, still more power than most folks need and now a decently priced chassis bundle, this one is hard not to take a second look at.

Most recently we reviewed the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250w and quite simply we had the hardest time not recommending the unit after it would not complete the full load test at 100v AC input as the unit was so exceptional in every other way. Today, however, we find ourselves looking at the power supply slotted just below that one the Real Power Pro 1000w. This is with a bit of a twist though as this unit is coming to us as part of a package with the Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE. Now if there is just one truism about power supplies it is “the power supplies that come with cases usually suck.” With the potential we saw in the Real Power Pro 1250w though, can Cooler Master's slightly lower powered offering take this truism and blow it out the water? Or does even the Real Power Pro 1000w fit this truism?

Check out the review here.


Printer Friendly(Author: jonny - On Mon, Mar-17-2008)

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