News - PCP&C 860W at HardOCP

PCP&C 860W at HardOCP

Paul puts the latest offering from PC Power and Cooling (now a part of OCZ Technologies), the Turbocool 860W through the wringer.  This unit seems to be based on a new design from Wintact Electronics. The secondary side features a capacitor upgrade (although Teapo caps in PSU's have not been a problem) and it looks like a rather solid design. The build quality does reflect the elite pedigree we have come to expect of Wintact built units. However, there were a few minor issues with the DC output quality and less than stellar transient response.

For some odd reason, OCZ decided to throw in a few useless and cosmetic pots to "adjust" the rails. This whole concept of having a few pots to beef up the voltages is dubious at best. But hey, who am I to argue with those who demand the snake oil! All in all, it bagged [H]'s Silver award. Check out Paul's review HERE.


Printer Friendly(Author: SuperNade - On Tue, Mar-04-2008)

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