News - Seasonic Goes Green: The Eco Power 300

Seasonic Goes Green: The Eco Power 300

From Devon's review over at Silent PC Review:

Barring a major change in the way electronics are manufactured, we're never going to see a truly Green power supply, but that doesn't mean some manufacturers aren't making an effort to clean up their acts. The latest to the market is Seasonic with the Eco Power 300.

The Eco Power 300W isn't too different of a unit over all. It's RoHS compliant and has APFC, which are both actually required in the EU to sell a PSU. It's 80% and up efficient, which isn't unusual for Seasonic. Devon even points out that the part number on the unit itself is the same as another Seasonic SFX power supplythey had reviewed two years ago. So what's the actual "green" aspect of this product?  Is it just the fact that it comes in a recycled, one color box?

Although I must say that I do like the little SFX to ATX adapter included with this unit.  If you have a computer with on board graphics, one hard drive, etc. this would be a neat little PSU to use.


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