News - Tagan officially announces their ESA effort.

Tagan officially announces their ESA effort.

This is old news... and I am so not enthusiastic about ESA that I completely neglected to link it up.

Why am I not enthusiastic about ESA?  Well.. first off, the "technology", although open source, launch was limited to only a handful of partners.  This will put other OEM's about six months behind the development curve.  That is... if they care to invest in any development.  The only motherboard that currently works with ESA is the 780i, and we've all heard about the delays there.  Even the firmware for the ESA controller itself is STILL in beta even though the platform itself was officially launched a month ago.

So... we have a PSU that may or may not do what it's supposed to that works on a limited number of motherboards that you can't buy yet.  This is Vaporware at it's best people.  Want true PSU hardware monitoring?  Stick with something proprietary like the Gigabyte Odin GT.

Here's a blurb about Tagan's effort on HEXUS and on


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