News - Tagan ABS Topower ePower ITZ1300 1300W PSU shows up at HardOCP

Tagan ABS Topower ePower ITZ1300 1300W PSU shows up at HardOCP

So.... close... yet..... ugh....

The Tagan 1300W is an impressive unit, but it falls short in the "get what you pay for" category.

Sure, do you really NEED 1300W?  Probably not.  And the Tagan 1300W is perfect in almost every way at lower loads where regulation is good, noise is low and things run cool.  But kick into high gear for the sake of making sure the PSU can do what it's advertised to do and you get.... well... check it out for yourself.

At first glance we see that the ABS/Tagan ITZ1300 1300w power supply is a well built, flashy, power supply with very good voltage regulation and efficiency. But once we delve deeper into the unit’s performance we find that the ABS/Tagan ITZ1300 is really an 1100w power supply with mediocre DC output quality being billed as a 1300w power supply with good DC output quality.



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