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Need for Speed Undercover Review

The sprints, highway battles, races and escapes are all fine – it’s the largely dull and unimpressive environment they are all set in that quickly gets old. The ‘golden hour’ lighting effect which dusts the landscape of the game does a good job of making it look pretty, but you still eventually get the feeling that you’ve raced the same street over and over.

The Tri-City area is, in other words, remarkably devoid of landmarks as well as pedestrians and the fact that there are often good ten-minute stretches without any traffic to dodge through doesn’t help.

At the start of the review we said that the two important keywords for the Need for Speed series are style and brevity. You could argue that ‘speed’ should belong there too, but it kind of goes without saying. The issue with Undercover though is that it’s started to show us just how shallow those things can be.

It quickly becomes obvious that when you finally do get under the covers with Need for Speed then it’s all sack and no substance. That’s not enough to impress my girlfriend and it’s not enough to impress me either. @ bit-tech

Printer Friendly(Author: Tazz - On Wed, Nov-26-2008)

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