News - Changes, moves, upgrades.... you name it.

Changes, moves, upgrades.... you name it.

You may or may not have noticed, but the forums have been moved to ""  Apparently, the banner tracking for the site and the attachment management for the forums is too much overhead for one of Tera-Byte's virtual shared servers.  This was causing the slow response time with the site.  We've moved the forums over to a server hosted by Go Daddy and everything seems much quicker.  In time, hopefully we can get the whole site moved over to Go Daddy.  That's up to Tazz.

Speaking of Tazz, I would like to both introduce (if you haven't met him already) and thank him for the help he's provided with the site after Mike's departure.  Tazz is one of the folks behind Modders-Inc.  When Mike left to go back to school (can't blame him) I was left with not enough knowledge, resources or time to take care of the back end goings ons of  Tazz has stepped up to the plate and has been amazing.  Thanks Tazz!

So what have I been up to?  Well, I recently got a job with BFG Technologies as a product manager.  I will initially be helping them expand their power supply offering and eventually will be part of the well oiled machine that currently provides the fantastic graphics cards they already offer as well as some of the other knick knacks we occasionally see with the BFG name (Internet Traffic Cop?  What?)  Unfortunately, one of the conditions of this job is that I no longer write any more reviews.  WHAT?!?  Well, you not only have the obvious potential for bias that you get when someone that works for one company writes about  the product of another company, but they would also like to avoid any potential for liability if someone decides that I said something bad about another product just to help make BFG product look better in comparison.  Not that I would ever do that, but it's good to remove all doubt.

So what's going on with the website?  Well, I'm not sure if any of you folks noticed, but outside of one Corsair Padlock Flash Memory review I did last month, the site has already been running fine without me!  In August, had a review of the Allied 500W and Coolmax 700W as done by Oklahoma Wolf, and we had a NZXT 1000W done up by Madmat.  Coming down the pipe over the next couple months, the guys have another Corsair PSU that Wolf and Matt will be doing tag team on as well as a "ghetto power supply" (that's what we've ended up calling it internally) round up sitting in Wolf's queue.  Matt also has a Glacial Power and Rosewill power supply review that should be done in the next couple months as well as a review of Ultra's latest fan controller.

The site, at least for the time being, will remain "".  I didn't want to call the site this in the first place, but because the site started out as a personal blog of the same name and people were already familiar with the name, the name stuck and for the same reason it will continue to stick for the foreseeable future (that and Tazz and I can't think of anything better to call it at the moment.) 

I am not, in any way, "going away."  I will still be in the forums dispensing advice and will continue to bee-bop around the web shooting my mouth off at the most inappropriate moments.  In other words, I am incapable of keeping my mouth shut.  I'm keeping my handle (I'm already signed up at as jonnyGURU) as well as my e-mail address. 

That said, if anyone wants to cry foul, don't email me.  Take it up with us in the forums (I love getting a good forums plug in every once in a while.)   :)


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