News - OCZ StealthXstream 600W power supply review at Hardware Canucks

OCZ StealthXstream 600W power supply review at Hardware Canucks

Today, SKYMTL has finished up his OCZ StealthXstream 600W power supply review for Hardware Canucks.

Some interesting points about the unit.  First, we see the typically high ripple and noise that makes the FSP Epsilon platform infamous:

...when the SLI test was run the measurements shot back up in theatric fashion to a point which was flirting above the 70mV mark through the last test.

Keep in mind that during this test, SKYMTL's rig is only pulling 417W AC from the wall.   That means the PSU is only a little over half of it's capable DC output capability.

There was also an issue of a very loud fan.  Apparently this problem was "caught" and there is a new revision of the unit available with a quieter fan controller:

...the fan noise was bordering on extreme even when the computer was sitting on the desktop. This was not a case of a problem with a bearing in the fan or the blades causing a vibration in the housing. Rather, it was the loud “whoosh” of a fan with a malfunctioning a fan speed controller.

OCZ sent us as a replacement unit which ended up being whisper quiet. This power supply was supposedly from a new batch of StealthXstream power supplies which are currently shipping to vendors. This second StealthXstream exhibited the same performance as the first unit but without all the fan noise.

I'm not sure if there's any kind of markings or revision number that differentiates these quieter units, but be aware that this is a "known issue."

Overall, it does look like the StealthXstream performed well due to good voltage regulation and good efficiency and, can't forget, an excellent price point of under $100.  Make sure you check out the whole review at Hardware Canucks.


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