Posted On: Wed, Mar-29-2017
Written By: Tazz
Title: How to make a 3D scanner from an Xbox 360 Kinect​

How many times have you sat there and thought about getting a 3D Scanner? If you are in to 3D printing then itís probably a lot. If you go online and look for a 3D scanner you will find a lot of them with extremely high price tags. From $120 - $32,000. Seems a bit crazy on the high end but you are paying for the resolution. The idea behind a 3D scanner is that you use a laser that bounces back to a camera to tell it the contours of the model. Well what does a Kinect do? It scans a body for motion tracking using lasers and a camera. BINGO, there is a 3D scanner waiting to be used. @ TechwareLabs

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