Power Supply FAQs
  • How power supplies are rated:

    • How does the temperature inside of my case affect the performance of my power supply?

    • Power supplies can perform differently depending on the temperature at which they are operating at. When a power supply is rated for it's total output wattage, it is rated to do so at a particular temperature. Anything beyond this temperature may take away from the power supply's capability. A power supply that is rated to put out 550W at 25°C may only be able to put out 450W at 40°C. This difference is called the "de-rating curve" because the component's capability to perform curves downward as temperature rise, very much like what is illustrated in the below graph.

      Room temperature is typically around 25°C, or 77°F. A normal operating temperature for a power supply is 40°C, or 104°F.

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