Power Supply FAQs
  • Power Supplies With Multiple +12V Rails

    • Some people claim they can overclock better, etc. with a single +12V rail PSU.

    • Placebo effect. The reality is that their previous PSU was defective or just wasn't as good as their current unit. If the old PSU was a cheap-o unit with four +12V rails and the new one is a good quality unit with one +12V rail, the new one isn't overclocking better because it's a single +12V rail unit. It's overclocking better because the old PSU was poor to begin with and would have been a poor performer whether it had one +12V rail or half a dozen. It's only coincidental if the old PSU had multiple +12V rails and the current one has just one.

      The only "side effect" that occurs with multiple +12V rails is that when a +12V rail is overloaded (for example: more than 20A is being demanded from a rail set to only deliver up to 20A), the PSU shuts down. If a load gets close to whatever the limit is, the voltages do not become "less stable" do not cause instability, etc. This is because the actual +12V source is actually a much greater capacity that the simple rail division's predetermined limit.

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