Power Supply FAQs
  • Using a computer power supply around the world:

    • Different countries have different plug types

    • All computer power supplies have either an IEC C13/C14 (C13 is the male plug on the cord while C14 is the female socket on the unit) power receptacle or, in the case of very high wattage units, an IEC C19/C20 (C19 is male, C20 is female) power receptacle on the power supply housing. By standardizing the socket on the power supply unit, users are capable of using a good number of different power cords with different plugs on them for use in different countries.

      BFG power supplies sold in North America typically include a power cord with a NEMA 5-15 plug. Those sold in UK and Europe typically include a power cord with a BS 1363 and/or CEE 7/7. Of course, which power cord comes inside the box really relies on the distribution channels used to get the power supply unit on the shelf at your retailer. Fortunately, universal PC power cords are often available at electronics and computer stores for anywhere between $3 and $5 USD. Ironically, a new power cord costs a good deal less than a mere adapter.

      An IEC C13/C14 receptacle

      An IEC C19/C20 receptacle

      A NEMA 5-15 plug

      A BS 1363 plug

      A CEE 7/7 plug

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