Power Supply FAQs
  • Using a computer power supply around the world:

    • Different countries have different input voltages.

    • Countries around the world have different voltages coming from the utility mains. From 100V, used in Japan, all of the way up to 240V.

      Computer power supplies that have active power factor correction are able to automatically adjust for different input voltages. Just be sure to look at the label of the power supply to find out if your mains voltage is within the range of capability of the power supply unit. For example, BFG's ES Series power supplies support a voltage range of 100V to 240V.

      Power supplies without power factor correction tend to have a 110V/220V or 115V/230V switch on them. ALWAYS make sure this switch is set to the correct input voltage prior to plugging the computer into the wall. If your input voltage is 120V, using the 115V setting is acceptable. If input voltage is 115V, using a 110V setting is acceptable, etc.

      A 115V/230V voltage selection switch from the back of a BFG GS-550.

      Some power supplies are sold as "230V only" units. This is because the input, or "primary", side of the unit is engineered to only handle the lower current of higher voltage mains. These power supplies are marked as such and should NEVER be used on AC input lines lower than the voltage specified.

      This power supply is manufactured to work on 230V mains ONLY.

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