Power Supply FAQs
  • Questions about power supply efficiency:

    • Aren't higher wattage units less efficient at lower loads?

    • Typically, yes. Most power supplies are only at their most efficient when the load on them is 20% or more of their capability. So with a conventional power supplies, you pretty much have to throw any kind of green initiative out the window when trying to buy a power supply that will allow for future expansion; like buying a second graphics card for SLI or adding more hard drives to run a RAID array.

      The good news is the BFG ES Series can virtually emulate any size PSU up to 800W and can provide a minimum 80% efficiency even at loads as low as 10%.

      The green line shows a typical efficient PSU with 80% peaking at loads between 40% and 60%.
      The BFG ES-800, represented by the orange line, actually has it's best efficiency at lower loads
       and is almost a straight line from 40% on.

      Of course, even conventional power supplies vary from unit to unit, and since the initiative to be more efficient is a relatively new concept be aware that even if a modern day computer power supply is only 80% efficient from loads of 20% and up, it may be 77% or 78% efficient at a 10% load and this may still be much more efficient than the power supply you're replacing, even at it's best efficiency!

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