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PC Troubleshooting: No power
Fans are not spinning or anything? Here's some troubleshooting to help you with a computer that refuses to power up.
(By jonny on Mon, Jan-01-2001 - 18730 Reads)
Guru's World 01/2001: Got that brand name recognition?
Sometimes I've got to wonder why some people buy things just because of a certain brand name. "Yo, man. You know those Nikes aren't made any better but they cost three times as much, right?" Yeah, but they "trust" the name. I'll call them shoe-newbies because I've only had Vans for the last five years; each pair last me over a year and none of them cost me even $50.
(By jonny on Mon, Jan-01-2001 - 5574 Reads)
Guru's World 11/2000: I'm an MCSE... Bow to me!
I don't name names and I don't harass anyone to their face for not knowing something that I take for granted as common knowledge. What I do try to do is point out the people that lay the claim down that they are some kind of mega-expert, when they do not even have the knowledge that should be common for their position.
(By jonny on Wed, Nov-01-2000 - 5896 Reads)
Guru's World 10/2000: I have a certain respect for lightning.
Now normally when lightning strikes, you see a flash and you hear the thunder go "KABOOM". Well, I don't think I ever heard the kaboom. Maybe I did and the stress made me immediately forget it. I certainly saw the flash though! The whole shed lit up like I had turned on 500 halogens in a 10 foot by 10 foot photographer's dark room. I saw little tiny arcs and sparks all over the tin roof that looked like the special effects from that 80s movie Weird Science. I threw the GRiD pad across the room and hit the floor.
(By jonny on Sun, Oct-01-2000 - 5876 Reads)
Guru's World 09/2000: A collection of six rants
A collection of six rants from the the tech bench of jonnyGURU...
(By jonny on Fri, Sep-01-2000 - 5769 Reads)
Guru's World 08/2000: CPU's as Department Stores
As I look at these customers, I think of the people I deal with every day that insist on only Intel product. Never would they consider another processor or, in some instances, motherboard at even half the price. They'd much rather buy a 933 MHz CPU at $700 then a 1 GHz for $500, just because the $500 CPU is not an Intel.
(By jonny on Tue, Aug-01-2000 - 5756 Reads)
Guru's World 03/2000: Like no other industry....
Like no other industry I've seen, the computer industry has this amazing capability to suck every dime out of its customer base.
(By jonny on Wed, Mar-01-2000 - 3590 Reads)
Guru's World 02/2000: A collection of seven rants
Here is a collection of seven rants from the tech bench of jonnyGURU....
(By jonny on Tue, Feb-01-2000 - 4256 Reads)
Guru's World 01/2000: A collection of five rants
Here is a collection of five rants from the tech bench of jonnyGURU. This is the original writing that earned jonny a spot on the Systemlogic editorial staff.
(By jonny on Sat, Jan-01-2000 - 3935 Reads)
Database of PSU OEMs, websites and UL numbers.

This is a list of manufacturers (or "brands" if they have their own UL) their UL Certification number (if applicable) and a list of brands manufactured by each manufacturer.

I don't expect the list to be "complete," so if you know of any manufacturers, brands or UL numbers I may have missed, please drop me an email at jonny at

Please be able to substantiate any submissions. I appreciate any help, but if you tell me that you have a PSU called "Kung Fu" and you don't know who makes it, don't have a UL for it, etc. I'm afraid I can't use it.

To find a UL listing, look for the "Underwriters Recognized" logo (a backards "R" attached to a "U") and find the "E" plus six digit number underneath it. You can than look this number up on UL's website.

(By Tazz on Sun, Dec-02-2007 - 156193 Reads)
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