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How to turn on a second PSU.
In today's article we are going to explain how to turn on a second PSU by using a Fog Light Relay.
(By Tazz on Mon, Dec-09-2013 - 11645 Reads)
ATX Power Supplies: An Overview
Intel did away with the AT standard and it's two separate "P8" and "P9" connectors by making the main connection from the power supply to the motherboard a single piece. Enter ATX.
(By Tazz on Mon, Jan-07-2008 - 28717 Reads)
Capacitors and the Computer PSU
Capacitor. The very word conjures up profound indifference amongst my family members every time I use it in conversation, which is surprisingly often. But, as many of you are aware, they are of profound importance to the operation of a Switch-Mode Power Supply, or SMPS for short. Today we will be taking a close look at how different quality capacitors can affect a computer power supply's output.
(By Oklahoma Wolf on Mon, Mar-05-2007 - 33805 Reads)
Guru's World 11/2002: Moore's Law
The rate hasn't quite bit doubled in subsequent years after Mr. Moore's statement was made back in 1965, but Mr. Moore was fairly close considering that, up until recently, data density has actually been doubling at a rate of once every 18 to 24 months.
(By jonny on Fri, Nov-01-2002 - 8837 Reads)
Guru's World 03/2002: The last rant
Scary as it may sound, the people in my rants are very real. It's hard to believe, but the situations in my rants are real. And just as in real life, I never called anyone a name or expressed that I ever "hated" someone for simply being ignorant or stubborn. There's enough hate in this world, I don't want to add to it. As long as I am under the impression that people understand my rants as an expression of hatred towards people, then I'm going to cease going in that direction.
(By jonny on Fri, Mar-01-2002 - 7904 Reads)
Guru's World 08/2001: So you think you're not a nerd?
In my job I often end up going to AMD, Intel and Microsoft seminars and press conferences. When I meet some of the other techs at these get-togethers, I'm often reminded of the Simpson's character simply named, "Comic Book Guy".
(By jonny on Wed, Aug-01-2001 - 8729 Reads)
Guru's World 03/2001: So, you want to be a PC tech?
I have a motto. I didn't copy it out of a book or translate it from ancient scrolls. It's a motto based on years of beating my head up against large, hard walls: "I have not seen everything and anything is possible."
(By jonny on Thu, Mar-01-2001 - 8166 Reads)
Guru's World 02/2001: Even the Jerks Aren't Always Jerks
"Don't you realize that any jerk off the street can buy that book, memorize it and still not know nearly as much as they should know to even get by and get an MCSE and then call you or me ever hour on the hour when they run into a problem because it wasn't covered on the test or their little 1,000 page paperback?" He seemed actually quite serious about his opinion about my little book.
(By jonny on Thu, Feb-01-2001 - 7215 Reads)
PC Troubleshooting: No boot
Troubleshooting for when your PC powers up and POSTs, but when it's time to boot, the PC just freezes.
(By jonny on Wed, Jan-03-2001 - 11076 Reads)
PC Troubleshooting: No POST
Troubleshooting for a PC that does power up, but does not post.
(By jonny on Tue, Jan-02-2001 - 24386 Reads)
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