XFX XTR 650 - 650W Power Supply...
A few weeks ago, we had a look at the XFX TS 650 650W PSU which was the first of three units XFX had sent over. As was mentioned in that review, the TS series is based off the Seasonic G series. We are going to be looking at the XFX - XTR 650, is also based off the G series but with a few more modifications. Will the XTR give us the same performance we seen in the TS? With the main differences being a larger fan, modular cables, and a Hybrid fan mode, I am curious to see just how close these do compare. Let's get on with the show shall we?
Permalink (By Tazz on Fri, Jul-03-2015)
Silverstone SX500-LG 500W...
Silverstone's been doing a fantastic job lately in catering to a segment of the market that often goes overlooked by major power supply vendors: the SFX form factor. Today, we're going to take a look at their latest unit to enter the fray in the SST-SX500-LG.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-29-2015)
Cooler Master G650M - 650W Power Su...
It's been a little while since we have had a look at a Cooler Master PSU. Oklahoma Wolf took a look at their NovaTouch keyboard back in November 2014, but the last PSU we tested was the V2 550 from almost a year ago. Today we are going to give the Cooler Master G650M a shakedown. With this being an 80+ Bronze rated unit, I do expect to see some cost cutting measures. The main question for me is, will the cuts be too deep? Let's dig in and see.
Permalink (By Tazz on Fri, Jun-26-2015)

GTX 980 SLI Testing

After taking a look at the Titan X last week it really got me thinking. Currently you can pick up two GTX 980s for the price of one Titan X. That leaves me wondering how well two GTX 980s would perform in SLI compared to the Titan X. Well it just so happens I had two GTX 980’s in use in the office so I put them to the test. Today I’m going to take a quick look at their performance and see if they are a better buy than a single Titan X. @ Lan OC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Noctua NH-L9x65 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

While the NH-L9x65 is much more compact than the typical CPU cooler, it isn't as small as many others. The key benefit of coolers like the ITX30 and NH-L9i comes from their height... I would not be able to fit the NH-L9x65 in to the Mini-ITX cases that I use (Minibox M350), but the other two (as well as the Titan cooler) do fit. If I had a system with just enough room for a 65mm cooler and demanded the best cooling, the NH-L9x65 would be the choice among those tested. @ BigBruin

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

COUGAR announces presence at Computex 2015

27th May, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan - COUGAR, leading brand in the PC gaming hardware sector, announces its presence in Computex 2015. Computex is one of the largest technology trade shows of the planet, and COUGAR's presence will not disappoint anybody. 

COUGAR's 2014 entry into the gaming peripherals market greatly benefited greatly both users, who got access to high quality and excellent design products, and business partners, who added new, attractive products to their product lines.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Analog Review

It would be fair to say that our past experience with Roccat headsets, and their  products in general, has been a positive one. Their Kone XTD for example is one of the best mice we have ever tested. A while back we reviewed their Kave XTD headset and found it to be a quality product. Now they have released a new revision and today we test that in our Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Analog Review. @ Hardware Heaven

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Deepcool Tristellar

In 100 years we will look back at our meager existence and when someone quietly asks the question "how did Skynet get started?", the answer could very well go like this: "Once, there was this chassis, the Tristellar...". Deepcool has created a crazy looking chassis which weighs more empty than most ITX systems as a whole. All this with the goal to be a showcase of design & function at the same time. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Noctua NH-D9L D-Type CPU Cooler Review

When building a brand new computer choosing the right components is directly tied to the type of use ment for it so obviously you wouldn't use the same ones you'd use with the office system as you would with the one in your living room. Needless to say the same applies for the CPU cooler since a gaming oriented system would need one with a much higher cooling efficiency compared to that of an office system or even a HTPC. The downside however with really powerful CPU coolers is their massive size so if you wanted to place one inside a mITX/mATX case chances are you'd be out of luck. Well manufacturers know this all too well so for the past 2-3 years many of them have focused a lot in the design of compact CPU coolers with impressive cooling potential (for their size always). Noctua has already released several such models in the market but with their latest NH-D9L D-Type Tower Cooler they seem to be taking things one step further. @ NikkTech

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Corsair Force LS 120 GiB SSD Review

Value SSDs at the 120 GiB capacity are very popular nowadays, since they are affordable and have enough space to use them as a fast boot drive, while you can use a standard hard drive as a secondary drive to store your data files. Today, we are testing the Corsair Force LS, a value 120 GiB SSD, and comparing its performance to a very popular 2.5" SATA SSD, the Kingston SSDNow V300 120 GiB SSD. @ Hardware Secrets

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

be quiet! Dark Rock TF Review

The Dark Rock TF is be quiet’s latest top-flow CPU cooler which seeks to offer the perfect blend of silence and performance. Accompanying this sleek heatsink are two SilentWings 135mm cooling fans which use 6-pole motors to achieve superb airflow and low-noise. Dark Rock TF utilises a dual-heatsink design which in essence should provide us with good results. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Thermaltake POSEIDON Z FORGED Keyboard Review

The Thermaltake Poseidon Z Forged is the newest edition to the Poseidon Z family. It comes in with a lot of new features that can be appealing to most gamers. This is the first mechanical keyboard in the Poseidon series to offer programmable macro buttons. In addition to that, Thermaltake is confident that the Poseidon Z Forged will become a long lasting keyboard, so they are offering the same five year warranty as they did with their previous Poseidon mechanical keyboards. @ Benchmark Reviews

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

Crucial MX200 Review

The MX200 comes in a variety of storage sizes along with 3 form factors (2.5", mSATA and M.2) but only the standard 2.5" variant is currently available with the full 1TB of storage space. All of the drives come with Extreme Energy Efficiency technology, Adaptive Thermal Protection and Exclusive Data Defence along with a useful 3 year warranty. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

HiFiMAN EF100 Headphone Amplifier & DAC

HiFiMAN has a reputation for producing great headphone amplifiers. Today, we take a look at their newest do-it-all headphone amplifier & DAC combo with an on-board T-amp. This all-encompassing device features a class A/B headphone amplifier with a tube input stage. Despite all its features, it sells for $499, which is quite impressive. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, May-27-2015)

FSP Launches 80 Plus Gold Power Supply with Optimized Cooling: Hydro G

【Taipei, Taiwan - May 21st, 2015】FSP, an experienced power supply manufacturer, today announces the Hydro G 80 Plus® Gold Power Supply that has been redesigned to maximize cooling efficiency with features such as a smart fan, internal component arrangement for increased airflow, enhanced heat dissipation and efficient energy conversion. This FSP power supply also features changeable logos that allow DIY enthusiasts to match the logo with the rest of the hardware.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, May-21-2015)

Zalman ZM-GM4 Knossos Gaming Mouse Review

Zalman made their reputation with high-end aluminum cases– who could forget the marvelously insane $1,000+ TNN-500? – and CPU air coolers like their “flower”-designed CNPS7000 series. They don’t make insanely expensive cases any more, and air coolers are arguably irrelevant in the enthusiast market these days, but Zalman’s been branching out into gaming peripherals, and today Benchmark Reviews has their top-end Knossos ZM-GM4 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse to review. @ Benchmark Reviews

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, May-21-2015)

Nvidia Titan X

Sometimes you can’t explain it but you need the biggest and best. When it comes to video cards from Nvidia the GTX 980 is a beast, hell I have GTX 980’s in both my main PC and my LAN rig, but with 4 giga of ram I don’t think you can really consider it to be the end all be all video card. This is where Nvidia comes in with their Titan cards. In the past they have had the original Titan as well as the Titan Z with its dual GPUs and the Titan Black. Well the latest Titan is the Titan X. Nvidia launched it this past March and we were a little slow to get one in but today I finally have one to run through our benchmark suite. Let’s find out if it really is godlike like the name implies. @ Lan OC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, May-21-2015)

CM Storm Mizar Gaming Mouse

CM Storm's newest gaming mouse is put to the test. Like previous high-end models from CM Storm, the Mizar features the 8200 DPI Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor. The Mizar's design looks to harken back to the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, which is a good thing. We take it for a spin to see how it compares to recent high-end gaming mice. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, May-21-2015)

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