FSP Hydro X 550W...
Let's take another look at the offerings of FSP today. They have another new line of units in the market, the Hydro X series. We've already seen what the Hydro G units can do... let's find out if these units are winners for FSP when we look at the 550 watt model.
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Enermax Revolution XT II 750W...
A couple years ago, we looked at a 730 watt unit in Enermax' then new Revolution XT line and found it to be pretty decent. But times change, and so does the market. Enermax comes to us today with an update on that unit pushing twenty more watts. But is it enough to keep up with the market in 2016?
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FSP Hydro G 850W...
FSP comes before us today with another unit in their new Hydro G series, this time the 850 watt model. We tested the 750 watt version not long ago and found it to be quite a decent unit. Will things turn out the same for big brother?
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FSP Announces New Product Lines Ahead Of Computex 2016

The last of the new products that FSP plans to show at Computex 2016 is its new "Dagger" SFX PSU series. This line consists of two PSUs with 500W and 600W max power. Both of them are 80 PLUS Gold rated and also feature a fully modular cabling design, which is highly desirable by most users nowadays.

FSP stated that, thanks to their increased capacity, these PSUs are able to power high-end VR-ready builds. The internals use Japanese caps, so we expect high reliability. The cooling of these units handle 80 mm double ball-bearing fans. (We would prefer to see 92mm fans used instead, as they could provide the same airflow at lower speeds, leading to decreased noise output.) Finally, the minor rails on these units are handled by DC-DC converters, so performance among the rails under unbalanced loads should be strong. This also means that the Dagger models are compatible with the C6 and C7 sleep states of Intel's newer CPUs.

@ Tom's Hardware

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Computex 2016: LEPA's Computex Lineup Includes New PSUs

LEPA introduced two new MAXTYTAN PSUs at Computex. Both are 80 PLUS Titanium certified and address totally different market segments. The high-end MAXTYTAN unit has 1250W max power and features a fully modular cabling design, whereas the smaller member of this family only has 500W capacity and doesn't feature any modular cables, in order to keep production costs down. The MSRP of the MAXTYTAN 1250W is set at $390, and the 500W model has a suggested retail price of 160 bucks, which looks rather stiff, actually, especially if you take into account that this unit isn't equipped with any modular cables.

LEPA's VR Gold PSU line consists of three Gold members with capacities ranging from 500W to 700W. The MSRPs of the 500W, 600W and 700W units are $75, 85$ and $95, respectively. All units support LEPA's Variable Resistor (VR) design that allows the adjustment of the fan's speed through a turbo switch. This is a feature that we haven't encountered for quite some time now, and most likely such a feature doesn't address the majority of users who prefer to adjust the fan profile through software (in digitally controlled PSUs).
@ Tom's Hardware

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Enermax Debuts Four PSU Lines At Computex 2016

Enermax hasn't been especially active lately in the PSU market, but that seems to be changing. The company's new Platimax DS line consists of three digital PSUs with Platinum efficiency and capacities ranging from 750W to 1 kW. The smallest member of this family has an MSRP of $195, the middle child has 850W max power and will cost $219, and the biggest brother's MSRP is $235. According to Enermax, the mass production of these units will begin around the end of September. @ Tom's Hardware

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Super Flower Unveils the Leadex II Family Of PSUs

Super Flower unveiled the Leadex II family of PSUs at Computex. This line consists of five members that have dual 80 PLUS Gold certifications. Initially, the 80 PLUS organization only certified PSUs with 115VAC input, but lately it started providing certifications with 230VAC, as well.

The capacities of the LEADEX II Gold units depend on the input voltage levels. With 115VAC, the capacities range from 550W to 1000W, whereas with 230V input, the PSUs are rated 100W or 200W higher, so their capacities range from 650W to 1200W.
@ Tom's Hardware

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Computex 2016: GIGABYTE Forays Into Enthusiast PSUs with New Xtreme Gaming Line

GIGABYTE is making a serious push into high-end gaming PC power supplies (PSUs), with its new Xtreme Gaming line. The company has, in the past, sold entry-thru-mid-range PSUs. The company showed off its first Xtreme Gaming PSU model, the XP1200M. This 1200W PSU features fully modular cabling, 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, an all-Japanese capacitor design, a single +12V rail, DC-to-DC switching, and a 140 mm double ball-bearing fan that stays off below a load threshold. 1200W may not be the only capacity this PSU lineup will include. @ Tech Power Up

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Computex 2016: Riotoro Emerges With New PSUs

Riotoro also has a PSU. The company cooperated with Great Wall (which is behind Corsair's CSM and SF models) on Onyx and Enigma. Riotoro said these units will be based on a new platform, designed to hit the sweet spot for practical real-world performance, reliability and price.

The Onyx line consists of three Bronze members with 450W, 650W and 750W capacities; semi-modular cabling; and 100% Japanese primary (APFC/bulk capacitors). The Onyx PSUs use rifle bearing fans and come with a 3-year warranty.

The Enigma line counts only one member with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and 750W capacity. It also features a semi-modular cabling design and 100% Japanese primary capacitors. It uses a hydro dynamic bearing (HDB) fan and comes with a 5-year warranty.

@ Tom's Hardware

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Computex 2016: G.Skill Unveils RipJaws Platinum High End PSU Series

G.Skill unveiled three RipJaws Platinum series high-Wattage PSUs. These include the 1200W PS1200P, the 1250W PS1250P, and the 850W PS850P. As their names might suggest, the three boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. The three feature single +12V rail design, DC-to-DC switching, and 135 mm temperature-activated fans. The PS1250W and PS850W are slightly more advanced, in that they feature ripple-suppression capacitors in the 24-pin, 4+4-pin and PCIe cables; and ECO Optimized fan-control. All three feature fully-modular cabling. The 850W model is recommend for gaming PCs with up to three video cards; while the 1200W and 1250W models go well with even more cards. @ Tech Power Up

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Computex 2016: AeroCool Project 7 Series PSUs Pictured

AeroCool announced the Project 7 (P7) line of power supplies, which comes in three key output capacities - 550W (P7-P550), 650W (P7-P650), 750W (P7-P750), and 850W (P7-P850). The three boast of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, single +12V rail design, fully modular cabling, flat cables, and RGB LED-lit temperature-activated 140 mm spinners cooling the unit. @ TechPowerUp

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Computex 2016: New EVGA PSUs

The new Supernova GL series features white LED-backlit power connectors for some extra flair, while the Supernova GX series uses a new platform that reduces the size and weight of the PSU. @ The Tech Report

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Computex 2016: Corsair Showcase a white RMI series PSU in a PC with Corsair RGB Fans

We have heard reports from the event that this PSU is not a custom painted RMI PSU from Corsair but what will be the part of a new line of Corsair white products, which started with their new white LPX DDR4 memory, their upcoming white 400c PC chassis. This new white series of PSUs are expected to come later this year, but at this

This new white series of PSUs are expected to come later this year but at this time we have not received any official information from Corsair regarding this product.

@ Overclock3D

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FSP Announces 80PLUS Gold Certified Hydro X Power Supply Series

Taipei, Taiwan - May 10th, 2016: FSP, the performance power specialist, announces the release of its Hydro X Series 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies. These ATX PSUs use premium components and Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors made to exacting standards in order to provide users excellent cooling performance at high efficiency with minimum noise.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Fri, May-20-2016)

Corsair Extends Select PSU Warranties from 7 Years to 10 Years

Power Supplies Built for Reliability and Long Life

FREMONT, CA – April 8th 2016 - Corsair®, the world’s most awarded and recommended PC power supply brand1, today announced the immediate increase in warranty from 7 years to 10 years for several series of Corsair computer power supply ranges. From today all current and future Corsair AXi, HXi, RMi and RMx PSUs will benefit from an additional three years of warranty, with no extra registration or action required by customers.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse Review

Our friends over at Corsair made a name for themselves by manufacturing high-performance and quality RAM modules and SSDs and top-of-the-line PC cases but right now they are also among the most popular gaming peripherals manufacturers so since they just released the new M65 Pro RGB gaming mouse we just had to test it out. @ NikKTech

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OCZ Trion 150 480GB Solid State Drive Review

With new flash chips and an updated firmware underneath the hood of the OCZ Trion 150 480GB, the mission of this drive has not changed. The mission was not to explore new frontiers to raise the bar in performance. Instead, the mission was to offer more value for the money -- value with sufficient capacity to take on moderately sized traditional hard drives, while edging out the competition in speed, and beating them in warranty coverage. Has these changes in parameters impressed us with its statistics to make a purchase decision? @ APH Networks

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Corsair Releases the Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Mid-Tower ATX Case

Bold, modern design and superior cooling capabilities give gamers the edge.

FREMONT, CA – April 8th 2016 - Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast PC hardware and components, today announced the immediate availability of the Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-ALPHA mid-tower gaming case. With a large side panel window and bold angular styling, the SPEC-ALPHA offers sharp looks in black/grey, red/white or the previously un-announced black/red to complement its efficient cooling. Packed with features to make your next gaming PC build better, the SPEC-ALPHA boasts three 120mm fans for Direct Airflow Path cooling, a three-speed fan control and the ability to house a variety of high-end PC hardware.

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