Rosewill Quark 1000W...
Rosewill comes to us today bearing a new unit known as the Quark 1000W. It's an 80 Plus Platinum fully modular unit that boasts fantastic performance at a very reasonable price. Let's see if it has what it takes to compete with the current leaders in the marketplace.
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XFX XTR 650 - 650W Power Supply...
A few weeks ago, we had a look at the XFX TS 650 650W PSU which was the first of three units XFX had sent over. As was mentioned in that review, the TS series is based off the Seasonic G series. We are going to be looking at the XFX - XTR 650, is also based off the G series but with a few more modifications. Will the XTR give us the same performance we seen in the TS? With the main differences being a larger fan, modular cables, and a Hybrid fan mode, I am curious to see just how close these do compare. Let's get on with the show shall we?
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Silverstone SX500-LG 500W...
Silverstone's been doing a fantastic job lately in catering to a segment of the market that often goes overlooked by major power supply vendors: the SFX form factor. Today, we're going to take a look at their latest unit to enter the fray in the SST-SX500-LG.
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MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6 GB

Today we are reviewing MSI's highly anticipated GTX 980 Ti Gaming, which comes with a new TwinFrozr dual-fan cooler. In idle, the fans will completely turn off for the perfect noise-free experience. The card is also highly overclocked reaching the highest performance of any GTX 980 Ti we tested so far. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB Solid State Drive Review

The Phison S10 controller recently gained quite a bit of popularity in the SSD market. 2 months ago, we have reviewed the Patriot Ignite 480GB with the same controller. How will the Kingston version -- with high endurance Toshiba A19 ICs and a super generous bundle -- compare? @ aph networks

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XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Review

Today weíll be looking at XFXís take on the 390X to see what benefits they can bring to the table. The 390X Double Dissipation graphics card utilises the Ghost 3.0+ thermal design with an all new-GPU heatsink, VRM heatsink and dual-90mm cooling fans. @ Vortez

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Noko Leatherworks TKL Wrist Rest

With mechanical keyboards coming back in popularity the need/demand for wrist rests has been rising as well. A while back I covered the Grifiti wrist rests that I had picked up for myself. While I have enjoyed them as I mentioned in their coverage they arenít exactly designed to hold up. As mine has gone downhill I have been keeping my eye on other wrist rest designs looking for something that would work well for me. One of the designs that stood out to me was the custom made leather Noko wrist rests. I saw their drop on Massdrop and then later explored the gallery of custom designs on their website. Lucky enough they were about to start a drop with Massdrop and were interested in us checking one of the TKL wrist rests they would be doing in the drop. @ Lan OC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Netgear ReadyNAS 202

Today, we get to look at and test a NAS from Netgear for the very first time. The ReadyNAS 202 is powered by a Cortex A15 CPU and has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for faster network speeds. Its key feature is that it uses the BTRFS file system instead of the far more common EXT4 file system. @ TechPowerUp

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Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Midi Tower Review

Finding an affordable and strange/unique looking PC tower with plenty of features is not really hard nowadays mainly because there are many manufacturers out there that focus mostly on these three aspects whenever they get to release a new model. The hard part is finding a high quality PC tower with great looks plenty of features and almost noiseless operation whether that's when playing your favorite games or watching your favorite movies. Some manufacturers have introduced such PC towers in the past (most noticeably Antec and Nanoxia) but the small number of such models has left much room in the market for similar solutions by other manufacturers. Be Quiet! has been behind some of the top performing power supply units and CPU coolers to date so it wasn't really a surprise to see them enter the PC case market by releasing their very own Silent Base 800 midi tower. @ NikkTech

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

NZXT Kraken X41 CPU Cooler Review

Aside from the inclusion of a variable speed pump, the NZXT Kraken X41 improves from itís predecessor, the Kraken X40, by adding a thicker radiator with a more dense fin array which accounts for 36% more surface area. NZXT has also given the Kraken X41 extended tubing to ensure compatibility with all installation environments. Included with the Kraken X41 is a FX140 V2 PWM fan which according to NZXT is more powerful, quite, and durable than itís predecessor. Most importantly, the Kraken X41 has a 6 year warranty, which just goes to prove how confident NZXT is of the Kraken line. @ Benchmark Reviews

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Razer Naga EPIC Chroma Review

Now featuring a more ergonomic grid of mechanical buttons in a slightly concave shape, each button is specifically shaped to give a more intuitive understanding of the whereabouts of your thumb. This aids in easily identifying each key while getting a fast and tactile actuation. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

PowerColor Radeon R9 390 PCS+ 8 GB

PowerColor introduces a new triple-fan, triple-slot, full-metal cooler with their R9 390 PCS+. The card comes overclocked out of the box, with a small $10 premium over reference design pricing. Like all R9 390 cards it features 8 GB of VRAM, which is twice that of the R9 290. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Corsair Neutron XT 240 GiB SSD Review

While the 120 GiB SSDs are the most popular models because of their low cost, 240 GiB models are becoming affordable, and thus becoming the preferred ones. Today, we will test the Corsair Neutron XT 240 GiB, targeted to the high-performance market. @ Hardware Secrets

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

SpotCam HD Review

After the great interest in our review of the Raspberry Pi PiCam HD camera with monitoring functionality, we have decided to test a Start-Up solution of a WiFi video surveillance with recording and night vision function at as well. The SpotCam HD is a cloud based WiFi security camera, which is relatively easy to install and then can be watched on a PC, Mac or even on mobile iOS or Android based Smartphones and Tablets. Our SpotCam HD review will show if this is the right solution for you and offers you a step-by-step SpotCam HD installation guide. @ OCInside

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Razer Firefly Review

The Razer Firefly comes in to complete the Chroma setup, through the Razer synapse software you can sync the colour and glow to your other Chroma enabled devices and through the Chroma SDK, developers can also create lighting effects to enhance in game actions and immersion. Coming in at quite a high price for 'just a mouse mat' this will undoubtedly draw attention for any enthusiasts looking to light up their desk. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Case Review

Be quiet! has been a favorite brand around the labs for some time. Their focus on premium case cooling has produced some of the best heat sinks and fans on the market today. Now be quiet! is branching out into case design with their Silent Base 800 case. @ Hardware Asylum

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer 3.1 Motherboard

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer/3.1 is a top mid-range socket LGA1150 motherboard based on the Intel Z97 chipset, supporting the fourth- and the fifth-generation Core i processors from Intel. Besides two USB 3.1 ports, it brings a high-end network interface and a high-end audio codec, six SATA-600 ports (allowing one SATA Express connection), and eight USB 3.0 ports. Letís take a good look at it. @ Hardware Secrets

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

QNAP TVS-871U-RP-i3-4G NAS Server Review

Roughly 5 months ago i had the opportunity to visit one of the largest data centers in the world (located inside the EU) and needless to say the moment i stepped in their quite massive installation i was overwhelmed not only by their amount of servers and drive arrays (actually they use HDDs, SSDs and flash drives) but also by their local data transfer speeds (40GbE anyone?) and extreme cooling methods (did you know that they even use warm water for cooling?). Anyways when i got back to our "lab" (can hardly even call it that after experiencing what i did) i decided to perform several upgrades the first of which had to do with our NAS testing methodology since 1GbE has been maxed out for years now. Well the next "obvious" step was for us to implement 10GbE testing (40GbE is the next step, don't know the when however) and a couple of weeks ago we finished "gathering" all the necessary components. Having the hardware however is not enough so the very first NAS server to make use of that is the brand new TVS-871U-RP-i3-4G by our very good friends over at QNAP. @ NikkTech

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Sun, Jul-05-2015)

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