EVGA Supernova G2 850W...
It's Easter week, and children everywhere are enjoying handfuls upon handfuls of candy. I don't have any candy to share with you guys, so I'm going to give you a look at another kind of treat from EVGA: the Supernova G2 850 watt unit. This unit promises to be even better than a chocolate overdose, if that's possible.
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Deepcool Quanta DQ1250 1250W...
Deepcool comes to us again with their new flagship model in the Quanta line of units: the DQ1250. This is our second look at the offerings from this brand new entrant into the power supply arena, and you may recall the 750W model doing pretty well for itself. Let's see if the same is true of this 1250 watt 80 Plus Platinum monster of a unit.
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Corsair Graphite 760T Case...
We last saw a full tower case from Corsair back in September, when I took a good long look at the Obsidian 750D. It was a pretty sweet case, but lacked a few desired features in my view. Today, we're looking at another case from Corsair in the Graphite 760T. Will Corsair outdo themselves with this one? Only one way to find out.
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FirePower Technology Acquires Power Supply Assets of OCZ Technology Group

From PC Power & Cooling's website:

"FirePower Technology Acquires Power Supply Assets of OCZ Technology Group and PC Power and Cooling

CARLSBAD, CA, February 10, 2014 Firepower Technology, Inc., a provider of high-performance power supplies for demanding computing applications, today announced it has acquired the power supply assets of OCZ Technology Group, Inc., including the PC Power and Cooling® product line. Effective immediately, the group will operate as FirePower Technology and will produce and sell the award-winning PC Power and Cooling power supplies including Silencer® MK III as well as the ZX, ZT, ZS, ModXSteam, CoreXStream, Fatal1ty® and StealthXStream brands, all formerly sold by OCZ Technology. 

This acquisition provides FirePower Technology with a high-quality, well-regarded lineup of power supply products allowing the company to launch with full force into the growing high-end computer gaming and industrial workstation markets. 

“We are excited to launch our business with the OCZ power supply team, which was built on the successful legacy of the PC Power and Cooling brand. The launch of this independent business unit within FirePower will allow us to reestablish these brands, launch new products and drive the company back to the market leadership position this group enjoyed several years ago,” said Lawrence Firestone, FirePower Technology’s President and CEO. “Our objective is to provide ‘Best in Class’ products allowing our customers to enjoy unsurpassed quality and value. I am pleased to announce that with this acquisition, not only did we acquire a suite of great products but we also gained an excellent team.” 

Firepower Technology plans to honor the warranty obligations of its installed base and will operate out of the company’s facilities in Carlsbad, California. 

About FirePower Technology, Inc.:

FirePower Technology is a leading provider of high-performance power supplies to the high-performance computing market. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, FirePower offers a complete spectrum of high-conversion efficiency, extremely quiet and cool-running power supplies."

CONTACT: Larry Firestone
FirePower Technology, Inc. 
800 722-6555

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OCZ Filing for Bankruptcy, Announces Offer From Toshiba to Purchase Assets

SAN JOSE, CA, Nov 27, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- OCZ Technology Group, Inc. OCZ -73.25% , a leading provider of high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced that on November 25, 2013, it received notices that Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. ("Hercules") took exclusive control of the Company's depository accounts at Silicon Valley Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association. As set forth in the Company's recent SEC filings, Hercules and the Company are parties to a loan and security agreement. As previously reported, the Company is not in compliance with certain of the operating ratios and covenants in the loan agreement. As a result of such action and pursuant to Hercules' written instruction, the depository institutions disbursed the cash in the Company's respective accounts to accounts under the control of Hercules.

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Corsair H80i Review

Today we are back with another AIO water cooling solution, this time from Corsair’s award-winning Hydro series. While Corsair has certainly been the king of the mountain for a while in the AIO market, competitors have recently made some quite impressive challenges to the throne.  The H80i promises high performance cooling and unparalleled control via its built-in Corsair Link controller in a package fitting the Corsair name. With integrated Corsair Link functionality and a push-pull fan configuration where will the H80i land on our charts? Read on to find out. @ LanOC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

CM Storm Pitch In-ear Gaming Headset

CM Storm is known to produce some very good budget gaming gear, and we take a look at their newest little addition today: the Pitch in-ear gaming headset. At only €29 MSRP, it comes complete with a good bundle ready for gaming on phones, tablets, and laptops . @ TechPowerUp

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World’s Largest Charging Station - LUXA2 P-MEGA

Taipei, Taiwan – November 21, 2013 – LUXA2 understands the ever-increasing demands human society faces when it comes to portable power technologies, which not only have to be diverse in feature and function, but also fashionistic in appearance. In order to meet today’s technological enthusiasts need for high-performance and aesthetically pleasing portable battery packs, LUXA2 have come up with something truly special: the world’s first, and the world’s largest P-MEGA 41,600mAh charging station.

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

Cooler Master Cosmos SE

Cooler Master Cosmos cases: Large and capable, these come with a hefty price tag to match. The Cosmos SE looks like a smaller version of its bigger brother, but has Cooler Master sacrificed cool features, or has the company created a new universe in the sky? @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

Cooler Master V8 GTS Review

V8 GTS is colossal CPU cooler which features a triple-heatsink design along with a mounting harness which have two 140mm cooling fans attached. Along with the triple-heatsinks, Cooler Master have engineered the base of V8 GTS to have a ‘vapor chamber’ – helping to eliminate hot spots on the CPU. @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

NETGEAR R6250 Wireless AC Router Review

With the Wireless AC standard to be finalised in early 2014 now is a great time to start looking at Wireless AC tech for your home network. NETGEAR suggest the R6250, their latest AC router, is ideal for homes that have upwards of ten devices to connect. While that may seem a lot this is actually an easy target in todays connected world where set-top boxes, smart TV's, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc all want to access our content. So today we take a look at NETGEAR's latest offering the R6250 Wireless AC Dual Band Gigabit Router. @ Hardware Heaven

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SilverStone Raven RV04 Computer Case Review

I have always been a fan of customization. Customizing your house, for example, gives you the creative freedom to a certain extent to express who you are, make yourself feel truly at home, and to find solutions to various problems. Although cookie cutter templates give many people a good foundation as to how some things should look, most of the time, they simply don't work well for me in terms of what I specifically want. In my opinion, this concept is also very applicable in the world of computers and technology. Yes, every chassis should be designed in a specific way to optimize airflow, while minimizing the amount of material used, but that seems a bit too generic for me. Although the exterior design varies from tower to tower, the interior design is generally still the same. To keep everyone happy, SilverStone has developed cool cases for the regular hardware guys as well as the enthusiasts, and they have continued to do so by modifying and improving on their previous products. @ APH Networks

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MSI R9 270X Gaming

One of the best parts about a new video card launch is having the chance to be able to check out the differences between the same models from multiple companies. It seems like every company anymore has their own cooling design and their own names for each of the cards features. One of the companies who has performed well in all of our previous launches has been the Twin Frozr designs from MSI. Today I’m going to take a look at their R9 270X Gaming that features a Twin Frozr cooling design along with a few gaming features that help it stand out. @ LanOC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

Fractal Design NEWTON R3 800 W

Fractal Design has three PSU lines, but their flagship is the NEWTON series. Today, we will test the 800 W member of the aforementioned line; it is 80 Plus Platinum certified and is, according to its maker, the ultimate choice for demanding high-end gaming systems or ultra-quiet media PCs. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Thu, Nov-21-2013)

Corsair Announces CS Series Modular PC Power Supplies

Corsair’s New CS Series Modular PSUs Deliver 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency on a Bronze Budget.

Permalink (Author: jonny - On Thu, Nov-07-2013)

HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X² 2 GB

The HIS R7 260X iPower IceQ X² comes with a greatly improved dual fan heatsink, that is just so much better than the AMD reference design cooler. Unfortunately HIS did not choose to overclock their card out of the box, which would have been easy, given the numbers we've been seeing during manual overclocking. @ TechPowerUp

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, Oct-30-2013)

Be Quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow

Today we take a look at our second cooler from Be Quiet!  and while I was left impressed by a few features and performance found in the Dark Rock Pro 2, the massive size of the cooler left a bit to be desired in the board real estate department. This time around we are looking at a few less heat pipes, one less fan and a drastically different design in the Shadow Rock TopFlow. Will this different design match its sibling in performance and hopefully offer us a bit more space to stuff our components? We shall see. @ LanOC

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, Oct-30-2013)

SilverStone Fortress FT04 Review

Fortress FT04 looks very familiar indeed. Adopting the same chassis as Raven 4, this striking full-tower has some key advantages over its associate. SilverStone have furnished FT04 with premium aluminium front and top panels to deliver a luxury visual appearance and feel. Make no mistake, this case oozes style and finesse. SilverStone appear to have included almost every conceivable feature inside this exciting new case so it’s about time we begin our analysis… @ Vortez

Permalink (Author: Tazz - On Wed, Oct-30-2013)

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