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Old 02-27-2013
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Default Possibly silly question...

So I have one of these old APC Network SurgeArrest:

I have no idea exactly how old it is, but my wife had it when we got married in late 2005. Anyway, it still "works" meaning it passes power and the little green light comes on. However, I'm just wondering what the life span of these things are. It's been plugged in and in use in at least 4 different residences over the years and has been through plenty of storms, power outages and surges (something that was not plugged into it got fried one time).

My wife uses it for her alarm clock, Nook Color and iPhone charging these days. Anyway, I am thinking these sorts of things may get weak over time and my inclination is to replace it...thoughts?
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Old 02-27-2013
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Not a bad idea to replace it, the MOVs in there take damage every time they clamp a surge and it sounds like it's been through a few.
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