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Old 12-11-2012
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Originally Posted by Christoph® View Post
If I may add, I just confirmed with be quiet! service staff that even after 11 years in the PSU business we haven't seen a single capacitor failure.
That just confirms you're not moving enough units.
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Originally Posted by Stefan Payne View Post
But that unit would be fairly loud. So why buy something like that? Especially when you know that most people care about the noise and it's the first thing you'll notice about a PSU...
Not relevant in the extreme low-end, where (at least in case of PL) no truly quiet PSUs exist: at the prices I'm talking about, you get either some version of CWT GPA or similar, low-end but functional unit, or old, overrated half-bridge crap.
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Old 12-11-2012
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Speaking of which ... is there some sort of info on PSU component failure rate in recent PSUs (let's say, last 5yrs)?

Which components are most fragile in PSUs like CWT, Seasonic, Delta, FSP or perhaps Enhance?

Mostly interested in mid-high end models field info ...
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Old 12-11-2012
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I just know three facts:
be quiet! E5 first version: fan control failed quite often due to overload and lack of protection (it's difficult to tell if it's the users fault or the engineers). Then the fan stopped and the unit died because of the temps sooner or later

some models of the be quiet! E5: coil

Enermax Liberty (the units of some weeks): mistake in assembly->glue failed/wrong glue->shortcut->primary cap and other components died

These are the reasons for extraordinary high fail rates I know.
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Old 12-11-2012
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The OCZ ZT series has issues with the fan control failing and sticking on full blast. That beats that hell out of no fan, but it's not exactly quiet.
It seems to happen on first or second boot from reading forums. Neither of my ZT samples did it.

Had a Tt Smart 430w with a bulging Teapo cap in the 5vsb circuit. Still worked fine. A second 430, a 530 and two 730s had no issues (other than too high a price).
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Old 12-11-2012
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Far too often a 5VSB filter cap goes all bulgy. This is a common occurrence in CWT PSH/PSH II units that use SamXons, for exampe - the capacitor(s) get(s) cooked by the transformers and nearby switcher(s). I've seen other instances of the same problem with other, less reputable manufacturers too. Some Sirfa designs like to cook their 5V/12V regulation coil, under certain circumstances. Mostly due to an airflow dead-zone and the proximity of secondary switchers (some coils are slanted to the point of almost touching them).
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