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Old 03-13-2011
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Default How's this for screwed up?

Bought 2012 on blu-ray today, because I found it enjoyable (okay, not the armchair geologist in me, but the mindless-action-loving-American in me did), and it was dirt cheap used at Hastings.

Pop it into my computer, and it gets to the menu, but that's it. No options, just a video looping. Checked it for scratches, none. Went on Google, it seems it's a common problem, owing to the fact that I have PowerDVD7.3 (came with my drive). Only versions 9 and 10 have gotten the update for it.

Any suggestions? Not exactly enthusiastic about having to spend a small fortune (for me) for a new program just because the company won't update this version, but I'm sure this will become more and more prevalent as newer movies are release, so I'm stuck.

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Old 03-13-2011
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Get a BR rip version? Since you bought the disc, it's perfectly legal to own a rip of it, even in the US
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Old 03-13-2011
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or rip it yourself....i got one of the first Blu-ray Burners from Sony and i had the same issues. 7.3 with it but i need 8 to play most of the newer blu-rays. i just Rip them and change it from the MT2S to a MKV. load that up on my PS3 or VLC and go.
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