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Old 01-01-2007
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Default Single rail opposed to..

Single rail opposed to multiple 12 rails, what's the advantage/disadvantage..
I've seen where folks prefer the single rail over the 4 18volt 12 rail and wondered, why..
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Old 01-01-2007
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The nice thing about multi-12V rails is that no one connector can draw more than X amount of amperage without tripping the PSU. This is good for shorts. Also, some multi-12v rail PSU's do offer some RF and EMI fltration between the rails due to the components used to split up the rails.
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Old 01-02-2007
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The flip side is a single 12v rail unit allows the entirety of that available power to be used anywhere that it is needed.

Which means it all kind of depends on what your system is on whether or not there is a benefit to you or not. I would guesstimate for 99% of people with a modern ssytem it really doesn't matter if it is a multi 12v or single 12v rail.
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