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Old 06-23-2009
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Default Lukewarm:HEC Zephyr 750 $90 F/S

$50 off, down to $90 with free shipping.

A o.k deal. I bought this same power supply back when they did this same deal. It is a pretty underestimated power supply. Mine ran a dual gtx280 system temporarily when my friend put it together before receiving his ABS 1100W. Didn't run too hot, the rear fan kicked in and was a little loud, but not bad.

Has all teapo caps, complete input filtering, decent sized heatsinks, mostly just thick pieces of aluminum.

When running the dual gtx280's (along with a q9300 and 1 250gb seagate drive), the 12V measured 11.89, 5v was 5.01, but I couldn't reach the 3.3v pins on the main connector. That was during COD4 at 1680x1050 highest settings, while he was playing at the lan party. Measurements was with a DMM.
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