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Old 12-10-2008
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KMPlayer for video & foobar2000 for audio.
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Old 12-10-2008
Rockfella Rockfella is offline
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KM Player for HD/blu ray, Media classic player for divx, Winamp for music, WMP for ripping CDs.
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Old 12-14-2008
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I use WMP with k-lite mega code pack, quicktime lite alternative, and real lite alternative. Divx webplayer, Adobe shockwave, and Adobe Flash for web movies.

P.S. I finally joined the Vista crowd last week and much prefer XP over it.

Old 12-02-2009
johnnywannaoc johnnywannaoc is offline
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I use KMPlayer for everything. I just love it
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Old 12-05-2009
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MPC + K-Lite for Video/DVD
Winamp for Audio
Old 12-05-2009
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Originally Posted by Silk_the_Absent1 View Post
VLC for most non-DVD videos, Windows Media Center (Vista Home Premium) with Nvidia Purevideo for DVDs, Winamp for audio. Any videos that won't play in the above, Media Player Classic, although VLC does a damn good job of playing most anything.

An update to that, I now use the dreaded PowerDVD for DVDs and Blu-Rays, because the OEM version that came with my drive is a 6 channel version, and it supports AVIVO, and DTS.

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Old 12-23-2009
yakko yakko is offline
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DVD = PowerDVD
Other video = MPC or MPC HomeCinema.
Audio = Wimamp
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Old 02-23-2010
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video = VLC
audio = Winamp
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Old 03-26-2010
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K-Lite Codec Pack for movies OR windows media center.
WMP or foobar for audio.
Old 04-22-2010
rty rty is offline
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I use VLC for video and foobar2000 for audio.

I think AOL ruined Winamp.
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