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Old 12-05-2017
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Default Corsair RM850x White Review @ Tom's Hardware

For anyone counting, Corsair's RM750x and RM850x are the only two RMx models available in white, and the company says it has no plans to offer the other three capacities in this distinctive color. Today's review zeros in on the RM850x White, which is architecturally identical to the black RM850x.
In order to deliver optimal ripple performance, Corsair equips its white RMx units with individually sleeved cables that have in-line capacitors. The aesthetic result of those caps might not be pleasing to perfectionists, but because of them, the RM850x's ripple suppression reaches jaw-dropping levels.,5340.html
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Old 12-05-2017
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Originally Posted by breixobaloca View Post
By seeing these kind of reviews through the years, i almost have regrets that i've never owned a PSU from Corsair's RMx or RMi line !!
Among all the reviewed models i never found a serious downside about these PSUs that could have prevented me from bying them.
Well done to Corsair for these 2 lines !!
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Old 12-05-2017
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That one comment from "Stairmond" troubles me... but not enough to respond.

The cables were INTENTIONALLY done as a "Y" shape to resolve complaints about the pig tail (and was approved by ALL of Corsair's in-house builders that build PCs on a daily basis for shows, LAN's, photo shoots, etc.) and the combs are actually designed specifically for the cables with some of the notches deeper than others to accommodate wires that are paired up with a second, like a +12V and +12V sense, for example.

Just goes to show that you can't make everyone happy, and when someone IS unhappy, they're typically the only one voicing their opinion.

FYI: We gave some units out for review because apparently MOST people didn't realize the PSU came with the individually sleeved cables. Including people AT Corsair. So customers that saw the PSU for sale on websites would just see the white housing and the $20 higher price and assume that they were paying more for white paint and nothing more.
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Old 12-06-2017
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+20 USD for the cables is a really good price actually.
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