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GPU Discussion Discuss video card processors here: Past, present and future! No Nvidia v. ATI flames, please.

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Old 05-03-2017
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Default Crypto Mining vs HD7970

Ah, the joys of mining for cryptocurrency. This used to be a Gigabyte HD7970 Windforce... underclocked and undervolted since the day I bought it used off a fellow crypto miner.

Thought you guys might enjoy the carnage shots. Massive VRM blowout. I think this one's beyond repair. Definitely out of warranty.

Second one in a month to go down hard for me. Last one was a Club3D with a terrible stock cooling design that had a fan failure over the GPU side. Overheated and went pop.


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Old 05-04-2017
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Cryptomining just reminds me of the old days with F@H & the G92 cards. So many dead single slot cards.
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Old 06-14-2018
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Reminds me of my MSI GTX 1060 that started throwing fire out of its 2nd fan suddenly one night while mining ZCash. It wasn't actually a fire. The rubber strip over the VRAM started to get hot and emit smoke. Within 5 minutes I could actually see the glowing red area behind the stubborn fan which was still working even after such a huge disaster. Had to disconnect the main power and guess that fan never worked again. RIP
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