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Old 09-01-2017
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If you want power performance at home. Get the Xbox One X (its actual name, Scorpio was its codename).

If you like portability options , the switch for sure.

Also depends on the games you like as not all titles are on all platforms.

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Old 09-09-2017
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Originally Posted by Stormchaser View Post
Also depends on the games you like as not all titles are on all platforms.
No, mostly.

You should take a look at the exclusives for the console and make the choice based on them.

I woudn't buy a Switch right now due to the low amount of exclusives.
In 6-12 months however that will change and the Switch might be a good option.
Though I find it rather pricy (as was the WiiU If it wasn't that darn expansive, I'd have one right now). But the WiiU was about the same price as the PS4 PRO...
Or maybe 50 Bucks difference. SRYSLY, Nintendo??
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