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Old 07-15-2013
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Default Need Advice on What to buy - GPU and PSU

I've recently built a computer on a new haswell cpu. It's an SFF build and I'm trying to go for low power consumption and quiet, while still cut out for light gaming. Right now I'm using the integrated graphics and the power supply from my old computer - a 700W modular power supply - which is overkill. I plan on buying a Seasonic G-Series 360W power supply, but I don't know if that's enough. The PSU calculator recommends 231W at peak load, though I'm not sure how accurate that is. Another power supply that really catches my eye is the seasonic X400W fanless psu, but I'm not sure if I would actually be able to use it because it requires that you mount it a certain way and my case can only mount sideways.

I do plan on getting a dedicated card, though my case only allows for a single slot and I don't plan on spending that much anyway. I've narrowed it down to two options. One is a really cheap graphics card that doesn't use a fan and only draws 29W which goes with my quiet and low power goal:
I don't know how well that card will serve me so I need some feedback. The other card is more powerful and has a fan:

I'd like to go with the more inexpensive one but another thing that I'm worried about is cooling. I'm using a Lian Li PC-Q27 chassis and it's currently fanless. It only has room for 1 fan though, but I might mod the case so I con put another fan up at the top.
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Old 07-15-2013
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What PSU calculator are you using?

A Haswell system without a dedicated video card requires less than 100W and with a video card without auxiliary power connectors around 150W, so the G360 is more than enough.
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Old 07-15-2013
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A Haswell system with a HD4600 has the performance between a GT630 and a GT640, a bit closer to the 640 with high speed RAM (1866+ MT/s). If you're really only doing light gaming, especially at 720p, you'll be just fine with the integrated graphics.

If you'd like an odd gaming session with more details, higher resolution and better performance, you're pretty much stuck with this. There does exist a 7850 true single slot, but it costs around $300 and far exceeds the Lian Li's thermal envelope.

Cards without additional PCI-E connectors will pretty much never pull more than 80W, and should always strive to stay below 75W. The 7750 I linked should hover around 65W at full load. It should also stay pretty quiet, as dissipating ~60W of heat output is not that big a problem.

The 360G will do just fine. You could go with a smaller PSU if you wanted.
If you really have money to waste, get a fanless PSU and botch-mount a Scythe Gentle Typhoon to it - this way it's nigh inaudible and doesn't care about orientation.
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advice, cooling, graphics, power supply, psu

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