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Old 03-31-2013
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Default Are APC UPSes just no longer worth it?

My first good UPS I bought years ago was an MGE one, which worked perfectly year after year and still works aside from bad batteries. I replaced it with an APC BackUPS CS 650 VA which died after a few years for no apparent reason. APC refuses any liability, saying that the CS series just wasn't meant for PCs.

The second APC UPS I used next to the previously mentioned one was a BackUPS RS series, 850 VA (BR800I). It worked well until I had trouble keeping the connected systems running. They'd turn off seemingly randomly and refuse to start until after a lot of poking. I finally determined that the connectors on the back of the BR800I were making very poor contact, and had this unit replaced under warranty.

Fast forward just over half a year and the replacement BR800I unit begins to develop the same issue. Try the very same (APC-supplied and DIY cables) cables in an el-cheapo Sweex UPS and there's no connection issue. Put them into the BR800I and you hear crackling noises just like with the first unit while electric contact is sporadic.

I disconnected the UPSes (the Sweex as well, due to just being a POS) as they were reducing up-time to maybe 0.5 or less and got into contact with APC.

According to APC my cables just suck, but they may be willing to replace it. Again.

I'm thinking of just selling any replacement unit and either go UPS-less or find a replacement brand which doesn't suck like APC

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