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Old 09-21-2007
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Default ,,Stupid,, question.


Did annybody know which haetsinks are the ,,high voltage switching transistor heatsinks ,, in the 1000 watt unit from pc-cooling?

Are they one of the 3 big ones on top?
Ore the ,,tiny,, ones ,,downstaers,,?

Well i ask them

Is there any sort of current on the cooling-fins of the 1000 Watt unit?

The rason i ask is becouse i want to watercool this unit by adding a copper-plate with copper-tubing on these fins.

Tolgehter with a fan running on 5 volt

I know that i lost any warrent by doing that butt i dont care for that.

Looking forward to hear something from you.

And they replay

We do not recommend doing what you are trying. The output diode heatsinks are grounded but the high voltage switching transistor heatsinks are floating. Please do not connect the two. This can cause a serious safety issue


BTW great service overthere by pc-cooling
Mail this morning and few hours later this repl. GREAT
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Groetje,s Oranje
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Old 09-21-2007
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He's right.

Im my past designs (that I may have to pick up again) for water cooled PSU's, I had TWO water blocks (one on the secondary and one on the primary) connected only with a non-conductive hose.

It's not that you'll zap anything BECAUSE you're grounding the two sinks together. That's harmless. The fun begins if and when something dies on the primary, grounding a hot AC lead and that crosses over to the DC side and kills everything hooked up to it (CPU, GPU, hard drives, user, etc.)
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Old 09-23-2007
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Yea, agreed fully with the guru^^

Also, even connecting two blocks (i.e. both primary and secondary side of the power supply) is a safety hazard

Water isn't a good conductor of electricity but I sure would not like to risk getting live current inside the computer, or it's chassi for that matter.

Edit: You should also keep in mind that when the PSU goes through real testing (like S marking for Sweden) It gets exerted to a really heavy test. One is what happens when lightning hits it. The transformers must be able to withstand 2kV without arching over to the secondary side. Needless to say not many Deer PSU's pass testing :P

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