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Old 01-20-2008
ianm2 ianm2 is offline
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Default hard drive advice

hi all, after a bit of a lay off.

I am going to do a raid 3 array got a controller card.

with 3 drives, so I need advise on which drives to go for.

i have a samsung sata at the moment, works ok.

but I was wondering, due to price and seagate I was going to go for 3 small maxtors, perhaps 160gb each.

are there any others, like the hitachis that are any good, some people call them the deathstars, as the reliablity is supposed to be pretty poor.

anyone found this or know which HD's are more reliable

or are they all pretty much the same...

so which multiple drives do I go for?
  • samsung?
  • hitachi?
  • or WD which are a bit dearer.


system, ever evolving, is
  • gigabyte aurora case
  • seasonic 600 psu
  • core 2 duo 4400, with arctic cooler fan
  • gigabyte 965 dq6, v. nice board indeed, but going back to asus
  • 4 gigs of corsair xms ram, yey
  • crappy sapphire x600 gfx
  • xfx raid card
  • various dvd's liteon, nec
  • mix of hd's samsung, and a cheap maxtor

quite a nice little system actually

tried a creative xfi, it worked, but never again!!

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Old 01-20-2008
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I've got a Hitachi and have no problems with it but I'm more partial to WD. They make some of the best HDDs. But thats just my opinion.
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Old 01-29-2008
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I'd put a vote of confidence for the hitachis. The new hitachi's are a lot better than a bad batch that got out a few years ago, which soiled everyones opinion of them. Ive got 2 500gb hdd, running them in vista 64 and xp32, under AHCI no problem. Very fast drives that can handle a non-stop beating from a lot of BT activity. They are also a lot quieter than the seagates, which are noisy hot bastards....
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