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Old 07-08-2007
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back on the subject's what my rig showed

C2D E6300@2.8ghz
2 gigs Ram
2 Hitachi 80 gig SATA drives
1 Seagate 250 SATA
1 BenQ DVD Burner
3x Yat Loon 120mm Fans
Corsair HX520
Acer 22" LCD
Router/modem and Logitech 5.1 speaker system - all run through my 1000VA APC UPS

UPS plugged into the Kill-a-Watt
.95 P.F.
217va Game 258va
200w Game 244w
1.68a Game 2.04a

Cost - (I used the pc as normal for 3 days)
.02 hr
.50 Day
$3.52 Week
$15.12 Month
$184 a Year
EVGA 7900GS @ 605/800 - Core2Duo E6300 @ 2.8ghz - Asus P5B-E - 2Gig Kingston DDR2 - PSU: Corsair HX 520
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Old 07-08-2007
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Originally Posted by Kvar View Post
It looks very questionable.
And you seem very questionable. If you're not familiar with a particular piece of equipment, you should keep your mouth shut or you'll come off as a troll.

It happens to be the AC input analyzer device used by most of the PSU factories in Taiwan and China (Wintech and Topower just to name a couple.) Those that use TechRed ATE's still use the Weibo. Factories that have used the SunMoon in the past have used the Weibo as well, but SunMoon has recently retro-fitted their ATE to allow use of a SunMoon AC analyzer, but I've used it and must say that I still prefer the Weibo outside of the fact that you lose a decimal when AC power consumption exceeds 1000W.
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Old 07-08-2007
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Old 10-17-2007
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~190W AC pulled from the wall with my system under Orthos + rthdribl load.

e6850 @ 3.6ghz 1.375V
7600GT @ 680/860
Asus P5K-E
1 HDD, 1 DVD drive
WC with Swiftech MCP655 Pump on 3 speed.
11 fans, 2 fan controllers, 2 cathodes
2 additional PCI cards.
380W Antec NeoHE.
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