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Old 11-25-2009
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Originally Posted by Stefan Payne View Post
I think it's not that easy...
Have you taken a look on the differend HEC websites in the world?

Just take a look at the US, UK and German site (Produkte -> Netzteile).
Then you take a look at the Taiwanese Page, where everything they produce at the moment is listed...

It seems that the regional offices act like a OEM and HEC/Compucase makes what the offices like to have (like those X-Power Units with LED fans on it).
Could be that companies like CWT tell the OEM how the label should look like.
But there are also overrated CWT units on the market, at least in Germany (like the LC8850 Metatron Arkangel wich seems to be a decent 600-700W Unit).

Or HEC is cheaper in the lower market...
I fail to see how this is anyone fault other than....HEC. Those are HEC companies the problem is HEC. There really are no two ways about it.
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Old 11-25-2009
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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
And somehow because they only sell shitty units in some regions that makes them a good company? That's what we call fuzzy logic...
This is what I have not understood from the very start......the "oh HEC makes great PSUs...but you can't get them, they are only available in Germany" WTF Germany? They aren't made in Germany, HEC isn't a German company.

It reminds me of the whole Joseph Smith and the founding of the Mormons episode of South Park.
"There is no way you can be Harvard Monday through Friday, and try to be Alabama on Saturday" -Art Guepe former University of Virginia head football coach
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Old 11-26-2009
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Well yeah, the really good HEC stuff (the two Cougar-S models) is just available in Germany and maybe Sweden as well.
The rest of the lineup available in Germany is pretty decent but nothing special, just okish units are sold here.

What's sold in the UK is a different story...
And in the US there are some decent units on the website and some I wouldn't buy, what I really don't like are those orange thinks that look like the cougars sold over here but have just Teapo caps inside instead of Nippon Chemicon, Nichicon and Capxon (the solid Caps)
this map is very interesting
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Old 11-26-2009
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well hmm this one:


On the primary side is a large and solid capacitor from Nippon Cemi Con. This is the 470 uf, and working up to 400 Volts. It is also worth to highlight that the filtering seems to be very good at both primary and secondary side.

3.3 V-bar makes it definitely the worst, 54 mV is far more than we want to see. It is actually more than what the ATX standard has to say is the maximum limit.
real cougars are infrequent it seems?
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1000w, 1200w, thermaltake

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