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Old 01-13-2018
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Talking Is it weird idea to put more sensors in PSU?

I heard some graphics cards have 9 sensors..

then.. why not for digital PSUs?

Put some thermal sensor some primary side , secondary side , transformer etc..

It would be awsome !!
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Old 01-13-2018
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It's great for getting an high RMA rate. Because people are gonna see high temperatures and gonna RMA the PSU. They already sending perfectly working power supplies back because they use software like Speedfan for reading out the voltages.
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Old 01-13-2018
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^^ This.

The Corsair AXi series actually has a number of thermal sensors inside. But only one is reported by LINK because Corsair quickly discovered that customers flipped the shit out when they noticed their main transformer was regularly hitting 80C.
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Old 01-14-2018
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If it is running that hot, I imagine the losses are not trivial; I saw a supply using Litz wire in the main transformer to help counter the surface effect at high frequency.

Skin depth in copper
Frequency Skin depth (μm)

50 Hz 9220
60 Hz 8420
10 kHz 652
100 kHz 206
1 MHz 65.2
10 MHz 20.6
100 MHz 6.52
1 GHz 2.06

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