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Old 01-10-2018
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Default Has Corsair addressed SF600 fan profile issue?

I've been reading differing experiences with the SF600. One half says it is as quiet as SF450. The other half says it is rather noisy, especially compared to the SF450. I also heard that Aris got a bad unit and that Corsair planned to fix the fan profile issue, but I don't know how true those are.

So what I am gonna ask is: Does anyone knows if Corsair has fixed this issue in the latest batch (say, the one being currently sold by major retailers like Amazon)? Maybe there is a Corsair rep in this forum? Honestly this is the only issue preventing me on buying the SF600 already.

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Old 01-10-2018
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I can not tell the difference between the noise profile of the SF450 to the SF600, but the noise really depends on the testing methology. As the backside of the PSU chassis is used to transport the heat out of the PSU, the test results depend on the thermal conductivity of this part as well.
Because the SF600 provides more rectification MOSFETs, it's likely that the SF600 keeps cooler at the same load. As an result it might also be less noisy if the fan controller configuration on both models is the same
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