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Old 08-29-2016
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Originally Posted by TekTickle View Post
There's a distinct difference between a budget unit and one that outright fails to meet spec. For example, the original CX750 (CWT platform that I can't recall off-hand) failed during torture testing, according to HardOCPs review. Could've been a bad sample I suppose, but it's not the only example.
CWT PUQ-B platform; Corsair's spec was set to low for the CX750 to pass Hard-OCP's testing environment. HardOCP tests PSUs to a stricter standard than ECOVA (80+), EU, or Intel's ATX Guidelines.

Originally Posted by TekTickle View Post
These are the examples I cite whenever I make a conscious determination to "trust" a designer. As far as I know (and I may be missing something) Super Flower has never put a design to market that has outright failed to deliver what it promised.
You missed the point entirely then. SuperFlower is has an unknown history as their past work wasn't actively sought out for review, nor did the limited number of companies using their products license many low-end designs. Even though they (SuperFlower) did produce quite a few.

We only have information on a handful of recent and modern units from SuperFlower.

Likewise, if you do want to split hairs; SuperFlower has failed to deliver on what was promised as the Leadex Gold 750w & Leadex Platinum 2000w both failed their hold-up time tests. These two items are both clear violations of the ATX Guidelines.

Like wise, if SuperFlower had the capacity and extra resources; you bet they would produce as many units for what their customers demands were. Regardless of the apparent quality.

Originally Posted by TekTickle View Post
All I was saying is this: I trust Super Flower more than I trust CWT, based solely on historical precedent. As such, I trust a $100 G2 more than I trust a $100 RMx of the same wattage. I don't think that's particularly unreasonable.
What you don't seem to understand is that you have no actual historical evidence as to why you should trust SuperFlower (or any other OEM) over CWT. Saying that X is better than Y just because the OEM makes a larger variety of items is illogical.

CWT is a company with a very large factory and many different production lines. Your top of the line products are not made on the same production line as your budget products there.

Finally; you are completely ignoring the issue with multiple factories building the same units. You don't know if the quality check process is the same at the RSY, HEC, & SuperFlower factories. Nor if all three companies are using the same quality of equipment to check their units.

You legitimately have no actual evidence when trying to argue any kind of build quality advantage besides the fact that "CWT can make junk if paid to."

Let's put things in perspective here; I'm a butcher by trade. My cuts are very consistent and we always stock a certain grade of meat to keep the product quality consistent but if a customer came up and asked me for a lower grade of meat than what I typically sell, it doesn't mean that the average product of my store is any worse. They wanted that lower grade of meat as it was less expensive. It's as simple as that.
Rig Specs
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Old 08-29-2016
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The problem with older Super Flower units is that the soldering looked really really ugly...
And there weren't tested that often either...
But that's also true for HEC, who became known only in the recent years...
The first Cougar Unit wasn't tested on more known sites and thus rather unknown...
The one before the Cougar Brand came to life!

As for Super Flower:
I think I got my hand on a rather oldish Super Flower PSU, rated for 480W:

The way they soldered the capacitors on the secondary side is quite, ähm, interesting...
Though this PSU is from 2003 or so, when most end user oriented companys sold the Topower Shit...

And CWT used Fuhyyju capacitors at that time. I also have a redundant CWT thing (320W something) with Fuhyyju caps on the secondary, Primarys are CapXon though (200V, 220µF or something like that, with aPFC daughterboard)...
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Old 08-29-2016
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That unit is still running.

A couple of years later:

Still robust.

I don't think most people here were around long enough ago to remember SuperFlower's (ForePoint, Fortrex, FOCUS, Jing Hua) or Topower's or CWT's or FSP's (or their various factories) of real vintage (or any of the other fun items like SunPro, Leadmen, Solytech, Codegen, Bestec, Deer, L&C, etc). The SuperFlower units were not what we would call well integrated today but for the time decently well integrated and they were usually stout designs. The CWT's were usually good to better topologies and designs but crippled by components or integration or fan profile (somewhat ironic for being a far more integrated producer). The number of old backed Antec units from back in the day, man I'm surprised Antec didn't kill CWT.

It's not like SuperFlower using multiple factories is new so I'm not really sure why all of the sudden it is a thing here? I guess it's because none of the old timers that were around back then really are anymore.

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Old 08-30-2016
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Originally Posted by Philipus II View Post
Bronze FX is already eol. It's been the only HEC made super flower psu which ever came to EU.
yes i remember that
best regards
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Old 08-30-2016
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Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
That was only 11 years ago? Wow. Seems longer.

Back in the late 90's, used to sell a lot of Solytech built cases. We had TTGI (they were distributors for Super Flower, Thermaltake, etc., all the odd ball Chinese companies at the time) swap out the Deer PSU for Topower built Super Flowers because we wanted the lower RMA rate.

Some people would go down the road to "MB's Computers" and buy the same case with the Deer PSU in it because it was cheaper. Then they'd come back to me with dead motherboards, graphics cards, etc. and wonder why.

This, and people thinking that Ultra PSUs were just Powmax PSUs with nice housings, was the reason I started reviewing PSUs.
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Old 08-31-2016
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Old 08-31-2016
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Pretty much every OEM i know has different production lines.

If you want to order crap with the lowest possible price, they will make it in their lower assemblation lines.

This happens everywhere.

Thats why even when you look at the same platforms, for example:

Seasonic S12II vs XFX TS series, you will get higher RMA rates from XFX units as they arent assemble in the same line. (correct me if i am wrong).


CWT can be on pair with the best and its currently the second biggest world supplier, only falling behind FSP (i have no ideia how FSP makes so many units...but its a fact).
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Old 08-31-2016
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Originally Posted by breixobaloca View Post

Should've gotten a Master(name) (Pro/ not pro) (number).
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Old 09-01-2016
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its currently the second biggest world supplier, only falling behind FSP (i have no ideia how FSP makes so many units...but its a fact).
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Old 09-01-2016
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Hipro, Lite-On, AcBel?
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