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Old 09-07-2018
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Originally Posted by mannu View Post
What is your views about the operating system like Window, OSX and Linux. According to me Windows is better for some things, OSX is better for some things and Linux is better for some things.
Mac OS X is locked to hardware that is difficult to repair; I was a Mac fan since 1984, but jumped ship when they started to glue things shut, and Windows 10 was a free upgrade from Windows 7.

Now I use a PC at home, a retina iMac at work and have a raspberry Pi around if ever I want to play with Linux.

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Old 2 Days Ago
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I prefer unix but use windows for gaming; so I have two systems one on ubuntu linux and one on windows 10. I absolutely hate windows 10 (7 was better but not great); ubuntu 18.04 actually has a lot of sad issues but i know my way around so i can get pass them. 16.04 was better. I use a lot of fluff that makes ubuntu a bit better (it comes bundled with zfs so I can stop building those binary myself). My linux box is a 2500k (will upgrade this year or next to whatever is latest intel i5 (amd is not bad but i need a lot of sata connectors and intel wins here). The issues i've run into with 18.04 includes the x server mess as they move to wayland; regression in their chosen kernel handling intel hd graphics; xserver spinning in drm code; and a few other minor issues.
Anyway I'd drop the windows box if most of the newer games would run on linux. I can't begin to describe my hate for ms and windows 10. The number of issues and security concerns are massive as well as ms trying to force people into a specific paradigm that meets their business objective.
As for OSX; i never liked their hardware (yes they tend to do a good job of servicing their hardware but you pay through the nose for it and it is generally not flexible when it comes to tweaks and upgrades). Also i'm old and like my gui and while osx can be customize i hate the default configuration (I run ubuntu (not kubuntu) but xfce4 with dual panels (one top one bottom); used to use gnome3 but about 4 or 5 or maybe it was 6 years ago a friend pointed me to xfce4 and i went that route - cept on 2 spare systems where i run gnome3 for clueless reasons).
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