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View Poll Results: Which OS is best in your views?
Windows 12 57.14%
Linux 7 33.33%
I don't know 2 9.52%
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Old 01-23-2009
Monalisa Monalisa is offline
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Default windows vs Linux

In your views, Which OS is better to use and why?

1. Linux
2. Windows
3. I don't Know

Post your reply here.
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Old 01-23-2009
burebista's Avatar
burebista burebista is offline
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Best for what? For server like computers and geeks Linux, for average Joe and gamers Windows.
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Old 01-23-2009
MrWicked1968's Avatar
MrWicked1968 MrWicked1968 is offline
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Lindows, FTW!
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Old 01-23-2009
jonnyGURU's Avatar
jonnyGURU jonnyGURU is offline
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It's sort of a vague question. Really which one is best depends on who you are and what you do with your PC.

My wife uses Linux, because she does mostly Internet (web browsing and email), productivity (uses Open Office instead of MS Office) and some very light gaming (Mindsweeper and Solitaire type stuff).

I personally prefer Linux and can do all of the same plus image manipulation with Gimp. But my main machine at home is Windows based because most games work right out of the box for Windows. Yes, there's some games that work flawlessly in Linux, but not all of them.

At work I use Windows primarily because I have to communicate with an Exchange server (although I hear there's a good Linux app for that too) and synch up my Blackberry (something else that can be done in Linux with a 3rd party app, but RIM's app is made to work on just Windows).
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Old 01-23-2009
KeriJane's Avatar
KeriJane KeriJane is offline
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Uh oh...

There doesn't seem to be a choice for "Mac OS"!

But I guess that Leopard is a Unix OS ... and Linux is kinda Unix-y too.... And it's free, or at least cheap. And you are allowed to alter it as you see fit. And it isn't under relentless attack by bad people trying to steal your stuff or destroy your computer.

So probably Linux is better. Mostly. Especially if you can figure it out. Suse 9 made my head hurt a lot once, so it's certainly better for provoking thought.

Or maybe Windows is better if you don't mind spending a little (well, OK, a lot) money for convenience and near-universal compatibility. Just don't forget that gigantic piles of people really hate Windows a lot and try diligently to destroy it every day. Just so long as you stay offline with it it's wonderful!

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Old 01-24-2009
Super Nade's Avatar
Super Nade Super Nade is offline
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It really depends on what you are using it for? For games and benching I'd go with Windows XP/Server 2k3. For a server setup or a home internet computer, I'd go with Linux (Ubuntu).

I won't touch Vista with a 10 ft pole though...
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Old 02-06-2009
krokodil's Avatar
krokodil krokodil is offline
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I would have choosen other if there was this possibility. My favorite is Solaris
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Old 02-06-2009
pepsi_max2k pepsi_max2k is offline
200W User
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depends what it's for. for a media center, and media work, i'd usually go linux. for gaming, obviously windows. for coding, linux. for general use, probably either, depending on what you're used to. but... personally i have an issue with the usability of the gui's in linux. i don't know why but it never feels "right", with too many buttons highlighting themselves or windows moving all over the place, borders being too big or too small, just seems easier to use windows as the user interface just feels more "solid". may just be because i'm used to it though. oh and the default text in linux sux. true type ftw

if you really just mean which is better to "use" though, probably windows, given the huge amount of support for it from various companies over linux. sure, once you're used to it it's fine, but nothing beats being able to actually use the user/install guide that came with your printer.
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Old 02-10-2009
swaaye swaaye is offline
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DOS forever! Back then, trying to get a game to run was as much a game as the game itself, and half the fun!

Otherwise: Linux for cheap web servers and for tinkering. Windows for those who don't want to mess with a command line and just want to get things done. Windows is also the place to go for by far the largest selection of games, obviously.
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Old 02-11-2009
cypherpunks cypherpunks is offline
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Default I'm a Linux guy

Given that I don't do any gaming, but do a lot of software development (and a bit of sysadmin), I like the machine that I can ssh into and bend to my will.

Microsoftware keeps popping up dialogs that say "If you are still experiencing problems, contact your network administrator." Okay, I am the fucking network administrator, now how about an error message with some sort of description of the fucking error?

On Linux, I can RTFM, or strace the executable, or tcpdump the network, or RTFS, or ask on mailing lists populated by people with a clue, or track down the person who wrote the code that's annoying me and ask him (or her, but usually him).

With Microsoftware, I can STFW for someone with the same error message, and find a bunch of forum postings from people who have even less of a clue than I do.
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