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Old 11-24-2009
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Default feedback on this screenshot i got from

questions are in the picture...atng 1100watter...
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Old 11-24-2009
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1. That's normal. Tune 12V voltage a little bit higher and you squeeze a bit more efficiency, that's kind of an "80plus trick".

2. Lower is good. These numbers are pretty good.

3. 80Plus report isn't a good performance indicator.
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Old 11-25-2009
Hondacity Hondacity is offline
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thanks man

1. if you've seen most psu testing ...most psus drop like 100mv from the 20% of loading....i myself don't trust 80plus..but 12.2v and doing it just plain crazy ........not to mention the 3.4v...and maintaining that

corsair hx1000 started at 12.1 then drops to 11.7v ..some guys had a similar result
enermax 1250 started at 12.2 then drops to 12.0v...almost the same from okw ..

2. thanks ...
3. LOL yeah i don't trust them....but still i think they're legit..most companies prolly do their own testing and then when they submit their psu...the get what they expect...
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