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Old 04-13-2014
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Default AMD Radeon 4000 Drivers - Planned Obsolescence

AMD is no longer updating drivers for their HD 4000 series cards. Last driver 13.9 was released in Oct 2013 didn't even come with release notes. No Windows 8 driver was released. These cards came out in 2008/2009 and driver updates ceased in 2013. Yet the HD 4000 series still meet the minimum requirements of many games today. Nvidia supports their cards for much longer than that.

I also think AMD sabotaged the 13.9 driver. The cooling fan failed on my 4770 with the 13.9 driver. I went back to 13.1 and it is working fine.

I will definitely think twice before buying AMD cards again.
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Old 04-14-2014
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nVidia also had a driver which caused fan to malfunction (the infamous 196.75). Both companies don't make perfect drivers.
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Old 04-19-2015
noram noram is offline
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Don't you think you'd get yours Radeon HD4770 for bargain price. It was cheaper than 9800gts which is slower card even than hotty salvage part HD4830 And best thing -- IT STILL WORKS TODAY, and not as many nvidia plagued hot chip designs from that age.

I though never update drivers just for update. It's bad thoug if hardware is still good but obsoleted by drivers. Not to mention dx10.1, above mentioned hd4770, is way better designed standard on which dx11 was built upon. While nvidia dx10 cards lineup (8000/9000/first gtx260/270) mostly relied upon on nvidia's LTS 9.0c standard

AMD is in deep s*** problems as it is. And only thing bad is that they really never had really mainstream cards for bargain price since HD4800/HD4700 time SIX YEARS AGO. Though hd6850 series did some good deeds after was being obsoleted by HD7000 series shortly afterwards.

So if you really being honest to AMD neither you would still support 5.5yrs old card with your budget extremely depleted as your core business and that's CPU business went waaay south for four years. AMD practically ceased their server competitiveness after Nehalem enter the scene and they failed miserably with Bulldozers which slipped onto banana skin of mouthful of empty GloFo's promises and plagued whole 32nm/28nm process which is been resaw and restitched for years only to deliver some improvement on BULK 28nm!!

To keep the story short i'd anytime went wit some bargain price of R9 285 of 150USD which is exactly what it was HD4770 to its contemporary HD4890 part.

Let's just pray that those monstrous FijiXT will be released now-now-now in Q2 2015 rather than wait end of summer as AMD still long on stocks of its way old R9 290, R9 290X cards and most important sales of R9 270s plunged for almost a year now.
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