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Old 03-24-2007
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Web Developer or Aadvark (Firefox extensions) will allow more than what you can need for controlling a webpage, even a software developer. Heck, I even replace images with my own chosen ones on websites

No anonymity though.
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Old 04-28-2009
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Default NoScript is better than FlashBlock

Originally Posted by Kab View Post
Use Flashblock with Firefox. Allows you to block all.. err .. Flash

Once set, every site you load with flash will be disabled and you have the option to view it by clicking a a play button in the middle of it No flaws or problems with it that I've heard yet and its specifically orientated for flash controlling.
It does the same thing, and more. Basically, it replaces all flash with a "click here to activate" button. (With NoScript, use Options>Plugins>Apply these restrictions to trusted sites, too). If you use both, you end up having to click twice.

I have things so thoroughly blocked (AdBlock plus can block google text ads if set up right), that if I see one ad a day, it's unusual.
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