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Old 03-02-2007
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Default 220v PSU Suggestion


I'm currently living in China and decided that it was time I built a decent system for myself. This has proven more difficult then I originally thought it would be. I've built numerous system back in the States, none of which having any real problems. However, the system I'm building here is my most powerful system yet.

Currently I have:

C2D E6300
1gb DDR2-800
X1950 Pro

I had bought a 350W power supply, because I figured that it'd be enough. However, after looking at ATI's website it states a 450W PSU is needed for the X1950 Pro. Furthermore, I decided to look at the rails (I can't read Chinese mind you) and found out AFTER bringing it home that it might not be what I need. It's so annoying, because all the PSU's I've seen are not the types I'm used to (Enermax, OCZ, Antec, etc.), they're all "Chinese" brands, which I'm not familiar with. I questioned the guy that I was buying stuff from, and he recommended this brad stating that it was his favorite. I believe him, after talking about various things, but not sure it's what I need again.

The url link for the PSU I currently have is here:

HuntKey 350W

I noticed on their website, they have some other units too:

HuntKey 550w
HuntKey 460w
HuntKey 400w

I've decided that I'm going to try and return the PSU I bought, because It's not what I need. I want to know if anyone knows of any other good PSUs available in the ASIAN market that will take 220v (China uses 220 not 110).

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Old 03-02-2007
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Doesn't matter that you're using 220V. If it's non-PFC, there's a 115/230V or 110/220V switch on the back. If it's APFC, it should auto-switch.

And if HuntKey is that shop's favorite brand, go to another shop.

I don't so much know about mainland China, but in Taiwan the big brands are SevenTeam, Seasonic, AOpen (built by FSP,) and Acbel. Almost all of the computer shops have them. Those are decent brands.
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Old 03-02-2007
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I think parts of china, ie big cities are more westernised, some, but if you are having a problem getting something you trust, try hongkers, ie hong kong, now under chinese control after us brits gave it back to them, but more of a western ised city, so surely you ought to be able to get something.

and of course, as mentioned, taiwan seems to be the computer capital of the world, I don't know how tough it will be to import one from there.

Brief digression
fwiw, 220volt stuff causes problems here in the uk, as our mains is normally 240 volts rms, I have a feeling its +10% so can go to around 260 volts!!!! that's rms as well, so peak is around 340 volts, peak to peak is 680 volts!! rms for those that don't know, is the equivalent energy that dc would provide I believe.

This hurts your head a tad, but if chinese stuff for 220 volts is plugged into 240 volt mains, I think it actually makes higher the voltage inside the item, on the secondary of the mains transformer, and if its not careful, it may well blow your equipment.

not talking about 'intelligent' smps there....regular consumer equipment

Problems of the world eh?

( i am just mentioning that stuff as I had conceptual problems with electricity once, and if anyone else is, I hope it helps them....visualise, say an iceberg above the ocean, that's the same size underneath, the surface of the sea is zero volts, your peak AC is the top of the 'berg', peak to peak is under the sea to the top, and rms, what is pretty much people talk of with ac volts, is 0.707 (square root of 2, divided by of those engineering numbers) of the peak, somewhere to the toppish.)

I am sure all the techies. on the site know this stuff backwards, but if anyone is wondering, there it is. apologies if all know it as second nature.

so chinese stuff made for 220 and imported can cause mains transformers to buzz, get hot, too, as essentially in transformer design, more ac volts ( and lower mains freq. ie 50 hz, (or in the good old parlance, cycles per second, ) instead of 60hz, both mean you need a bigger core.)

another digression, apologies, but I imported something from china, and it had around 400 volts inside it, it didn't even have standard safety practise of connecting the mains earth to the metal chassis, so if the chassis went live to 400volts, the consumer wouldn't be protected, and would probably die
clearly, some chinese companies don't care about their customers getting bumped off, I think computer power supplies are a tad safer, even tho, there may be 'potential' for the case to go to 220volts, not sure on smps safety regs. but some chinese for their own market, may not comply with that, so just a warning!!! And some companies even slap on the labels that the parts are safety tested and all that, when in some cases, they haven't seen that at all, ie its just made up.

AS you can see for these reasons, I don't trust chinese indiginous stuff, and check it carefully first, (doesn't mean its all bad, better safe than sorry) but of course, those that are made to western regulations for recognised brands should be ok. (and as a metal computer case is in contact with the metal psu, that means under fault conditions, your computer case MAY go to 220 volts.

It may be the design of the smps is immune to that, by being double insulated and all that, not trying to scare, just make aware, its serious stuff (my 400 plus volt item could have been a one off, smps may well all be very safe, and I could be talking bull, but it was a bit scary and has made me a little careful)

End of digression

I suppose if it comes to the crunch, and you don't have any luck, surely simply go for the biggest wattage you can get, or run some of the 'unknown' brands here, and see if jonny or anyone can tell you if its half decent.

ones made for the chinese market should be compatible with their mains, however, if you get pfc, you should be able to use it anywhere.

Finally, for 'non hi end' psu's ie generic ones, we all know the figures can be either lied, massaged, or using some techincal rating that is not applicable, enhanced, I am attempting to find out what a generic psu will on average, pump out, ie say are 500watters on average 300 watts, or is there no real rule of thumb. for that reason again, its best to get the most watts possible, as your 450watter on the tin, may not be anywhere near that in reality (your 350watter MAY be only good for 200, so you may need a 650 watter to guarantee a good 450 watts)

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Old 03-02-2007
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Originally Posted by ianm2 View Post
Long post
Thanks for the information. I agree with you... The safety standards for the Chinese market is quite distasteful. They cut corners in a lot of places. This doesn't make them unintelligent I don't think, just trying to make something affordable for it's consumers, many of which are poor.

I brought my Xbox 360 here with me, and the converter I used failed causing my power supply to get friend. Luckily, I didn't have the other end of the cable connected to the 360 yet when it happened so it stopped there. Depressed, I set out on trying to get a NEW power supply. I took a Chinese friend (who speaks English) to translate and they said that they could fix it. So I follow they guys, they assault my powersupply ripping it's cover off (not neatly mind you) and begin to surge through it's components. I think the tech thought he just needed to make it work for 220v because he tried something first which didn't work. They advised me that they needed to hold on to it because they needed to replace some parts. A few days later I had a working PSU again, however, a screw was missing, and the casing doesn't look pretty at all.

Back to the topic at hand... I'm going to try and see if I can find a SeaSonic M12-500, or the Corsair. Lots of the LCDs are made in Taiwan, which are available here, so I don't see why the PSU wouldn't be either. Maybe the guy was just trying to save me money...or something else, I don't know.

Any other suggestions? I'm going to sleep now though (12:43am) have to teach some more English in the morning. So I'll check the thread later on tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch!
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Old 03-02-2007
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One thing anyone will know if they travel is, a PSU made and tested under 220/230V may perform very bad at below 210V. It may very well perform excellent at the higher input voltages. The nefarious thing is when the advertising states it can do both, or perform at "X" efficiency - leaving the Americans/Japs to think it'll do "X" efficiency with their 110V input and most of the rest of the world to think equally.
Go for Sea Sonics, Shanghai is littered with them.
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Old 03-04-2007
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Apparently Huntkey is the biggest PSU manufacturer in mainland china, so it's no wonder it's the favorite brand of that reseller. Anyway, here are a few reviews of Huntkey PSUs.
HuntKey HK500-13BP 500W
Huntkey Green Star 450 Watt (LW-6450HG)
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Old 03-04-2007
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Ive been told that hutkey is comparable to seventeam or thermaltake. Judging by the insides, thats probably true.
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Old 03-05-2007
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Originally Posted by D-Juice View Post
Ive been told that hutkey is comparable to seventeam or thermaltake.
More like Youngyear
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